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Thread: How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

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    How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

    I have been using my computer system to perform various business purposes. Then one of my friend gave a easy installation CD for various software's related to drivers that screwed up my computer system and caused it with multiple problems that I am unable to solve it. I called up one of my friends and he told me that he can fix up this issue but the reformatting of the system was incomplete that led me to change my windows software from Vista to Windows XP. Please help as to how can I resolve this issue and install all the drivers files and clear all the issues.Also provide me the solution for the Laptop of Toshiba A215-S7413 that I am using currently.
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    Re: How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

    For fixing all the drivers issues that you are facing in the Toshiba laptop you can go to the official site link and get all your driver problem issues. In this site you can get all the download files for the drivers, and the best part of all is that you can install all the drivers free of cost. It consist of all the type of the category drivers that you might want to install for your laptop.

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    Re: How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

    You got to install all the files one by one and then see that whether all the driver files have been included by you or not. In this case you got to look out whether all the driver files have been installed or not but you have to go step by step process so that all the essential files of the drivers are installed out properly. In the above given site all the details are to sorted out and then checked out for all the related topics and the issues of drivers that are being faced by me.

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    Re: How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

    I have tried the Link that you have provided to me, but I have not found any drivers details in that for my Windows XP. Besides that I have found out all the drivers for my laptop from a different site, but the basic problem is of the SD card and the Software Modem. Now I am not getting the above drivers for my laptop and the rest of the drivers have been installed properly with out any issues to it.

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    Re: How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

    The SD card and the Modem software issues are basically found in the Toshiba notebooks, but the above drivers you can also get it from the Drivers pack that is provided by the notebook itself. The Driver Packs can also give all the related drivers that you were having the issues. Also look for the hardware IP address that it is properly shown to you. If their is an issue of the Hardware IP address then the Drivers will show you problems that the driver is not working properly and so on.

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    Re: How To Locate Drivers For Fixing Computer Issues

    If all the above solutions does not work for you then you can also contact the retailer and get into notice to them the issues that are being faced by the notebook.You can also try by re-installing all the driver files and see that whether the drivers are working properly or not. You can also ask the retailer to provide with the genuine CD of the Toshiba laptops, that is having all the details of the drivers and also the user-manual that will provide you the information for the installation of the drivers.

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