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Thread: Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

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    Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

    I have planned the design of my desktop computer system which I am going to use only for the Gaming purpose most probably but where I have got stuck is the main Tower Case for this desktop system. I have counted my budget some around of Rs. 5000/- of the Full Tower Case with lot of rooms and enough spaces for an Air Ventilation so that my cpu stays cool even with the heavy game playing. Can you guys suggest me some really good full tower case in my budget? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

    The full tower case Antec Twelve Hundred is the progress of the most probably sold CPU Tower cases. It has got an awarded design and extended its cooling capacity, functionality and usability. The Twelve Hundred is exceedingly strong, with 12 drive bays, 7 expansion slots and sufficient freedom to put up even the biggest graphics cards. To maintain your machine at the correct temperature and in first-class working condition, the Twelve Hundred is prepared with a cooling system unequaled, including several blue LED fans, anticipated to keep the racks of hard drives cool and a 200 mm cooling fan mounted on top, Two 120mm cooling fans mounted on the back and Three 120 mm fans mounted in front. I recommend you to combine these case with the with features such as HD audio ports, USB and eSATA.

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    Re: Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

    The Thermaltake Armor + VH6000BWS case is a stylish and extremely well designed tower case allowing you to install either a cooling air or water cooling. Also very useful for modifying a regular setup, Thermaltake Armor + lets you enjoy a particular installation without screws, a rail extraction of the motherboard tray and a side window. It is very handy, very powerful and rich in possibilities, upscale housing will be a particularly good choice for high performance enthusiasts who regularly change their machine. So I would be suggesting you to try buying this case only.

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    Re: Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

    I suggest you to buy an Antec Six Hundred Gaming Case which I consider as a good product from an Antec which is one of the leading manufacturers of cheap gaming cases, and now offers a remarkable range of different styles and sizes. They all share a naming scheme in the Hundred-X. Undoubtedly the most striking design feature is the imposing building that houses as in the larger models an Antect such as 902, 1200 etc. with a particularly big fan. In this case, it is a controllable 200-mm model, which is also equipped with blue LEDs, and thus provides an effective lighting. Between the front bar is hidden the most innovative feature of the Antec 600 that is a Window. While window in the side are already well known and in this case are used is just to fit in the lid a novelty. This offers a completely new design bandwidth, so that for example a transparent Raptor HDD can be set in an excellent scene.

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    Re: Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

    The design of the Antec DF-85 is just great. The chassis is made of aluminum and the front is made of plastic, to lighten the final weight (11.3 kg). The entire set has a black finish, both inside and outside. Feet Dark series from Antec comes with the intention to cover all the needs of end users, such as including an external port USB 3.0, SSD drive installation and a full air cooling system. It has a three 12 cm fans with red illumination, Each of the three front fans have a speed control that can be edited individually. Ranges from the 1,200 to 2,000 RPM, 33.3 and 66.6 CFM, respectively. At the top we have a drive Hot-Swap 2.5 "protected by a transparent plastic housing. It is compatible with SATA drives, and SSD SATA2. On the right we have an entire cable entry system to avoid any sight. We also have holes up on one side of the plate to facilitate the task. Finally, the hole which houses the backplate of the board is in the air to be able to install the system with the assembled plate. The power supply is mounted on the bottom and two holes are mounted for the passage of tubes in case of using liquid cooling.

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    Re: Best Full Tower Case specially for Gaming

    I have provided some of the best Full Tower Cases which would be better for you to install the graphic cards.
    1. Antec P180
    2. Antec P190
    3. Cooler Master Cosmos RC 1000
    4. Cooler Master Cosmos S RC-1100
    5. Cooler Master Stacker RC-830 Evo 2
    6. Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 S
    7. Gigabyte 3D Mercury
    8. Thermaltake Armor + VH6000 BWS
    9. Thermaltake Xaser VI VG4000 BWS

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