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Thread: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

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    Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    I am planning to buy an Solid state drive soon and downgrading my current 500GB. I was looking foe corsair f60. I have found on net that someone commenting on thread about this drive and some one else suggested a derive from Vertex. i am not too much aware that which sandforce controller is better than others and other information saying that what makes this one better than that one. does any one has any suggestion which one to get or why to buy any other drive? One more thing I do not have sata 3 on my motherboard. Thank you in advance for your valuable suggestion.

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    Re: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    I read somewhere that corsair does not have the rights to utilize the full potential of SF 1200 controller in their drive. Corsair may change their firmware in later updates and will leave people in buying them and stuck whether to flash the firmware or to not.And did not get any information how the things are resolved and does corsair is still using a modified beta firmware which is not suitable for mass production. Sandforce commented that only version 3.0.5 is capable of doing mass production. The firmware 3.0.1 has reliability issue with a power management state. This comes at the expense of increased power consumption. corsair is going to keep 3.0.1 on their drive until they see any benefit to move 3.0.5. Only vertex 2 can ship with SF-1500 performance.
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    Re: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    I think that the sandforce drives are having the same read and write speed even if they are having different capacity. The speed is about 285Mb/s and 275Mb/s but I am having a 60 Gb SSD and did not have seen an 60 version of drivers yet. SSDs that are based on Marvels new, Indilinx and intel controller have reduce speed because of their lower capacity.

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    Re: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    Corsair Force CSSD-F60GB2-BRKT 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive has the following specs:
    Sequential Read:up to 285MB/s
    Sequential Write:up to 275MB/s
    Features: MLC flash for fast performance and Random write at 4 thousand, TRIM support, Bacground garbage collection. There is no moving parts for increased durability and reliability and decreased power usage for increased notebook or netbook.The 60Gb,120Gb and 240GB units by corsair are based on sandforce. The power of SSD processor SF-1200 by sandforce add extra to the performance of these drives.

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    Re: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    I would suggest you to have OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE240G 2.5" 240GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive as
    Sequential Access - Read:up to 285MB/s and
    Sequential Access - Write: up to 275MB/s and
    Power consumption: 2.5Watt
    Power consumption when idle: 0.5 watt
    Sustained write up to 250Mbps four thousand random write and seek time: 0.1 MS TRIM and Error correction code: 27 bytes of redundancy per 512 bytes. Self -monitoring, Analysis and Re-reporting technology.Vertex 2 drive has raise bar again and deliver unpredictable performance for the gaming and professional multimedia programs.

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    Re: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    OCZ vertex 2 are available from minimum 40 Gb to max 480GB space storage and come with three year warranty and MTBF is 2 million hour for ultimate peace of mind. Vertex 2 does not lose the sight storage what makes the SSD an ideal storage alternative then traditional hard drive storage. Trim help to increase over the drives lifespan as ultimate windows 7 notebook upgrade.

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    Re: Corsair F60 vs Vertex 2

    Some important facts about SSDs are:
    1)solid state drive SSD does not require defragmentation as this may decrease the lifespan of device.
    2)There may be discrepancy between the reported capacity and the actual storage capacity you get. The company standard to display capacity is decimal and operating system calculates the capacity in binary format which makes to see the lower capacity in windows as compare to actual capacity of drive. In SSDs some of the storage are kept reserved for formatting and redundancy purpose.
    3) Speeds may very depending on the benchmark used, drivers and windows version.

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