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Thread: Lan device driver

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    Lan device driver

    I've got an older computer, 1999. It still worked until the OS crashed a few days ago. So long story, I ended up re-formating the hard drive and reinstalling Windows ME. And everything seems to be fine exept that I can't connect it to my home network through the LAN connection (or ethernet port). I've checked everything I can think of and it seems that the its the "PCI Ethernet Controller" that is the problem. It shows as the driver not being installed for it. And windows does not find a driver for it on the installation CD.
    I was thinking the driver would be on the Motherboard installation CD. Which I can't find.
    Some of my system info is:
    Award Modular - Ver. 6.00PG
    P6IWP-Fe - Ver. 1.0A
    10/29/1999 - i810 - ITE8712 - 6A69ME1CC - 00
    Intel Celeron
    Intel 82801AA

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Lan device driver

    If you are having then Internet connection enabled the i will advise you to go with the below given step which will help update the driver for same.

    1. Right Click on My Computer
    2. Select Properties from context menu
    3. Click on Hardware Tab
    4. Click on Device Manager button
    5. Go to the Tree list which is showing yellow flag and right click on the same
    6. Now Click on Update Driver and allow it to install it through internet

    If this is not working for you then download and install the driver detective software in your system and run the same to know about the driver which is missing from the computer.

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