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Thread: How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

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    How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

    I purchased a dell Dimension 3000 desktop system 10 months back. It was up and running till a few days back, but it is giving me a lot of problems since last 3-4 days. My system was under warranty so I called the Dell Technical Support to fix my issue. The agent seemed to me an expert and probed me step by step about my system's issue, he told me that my network card is not properly installed, but in between the call got disconnected and I did not wanted to call again and wait in the long call queue to get my call answered , I remember that he had asked me to shut down the system and drain the flea power. What does that mean?

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    Re: How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

    You said you own a Dell Dimension 3000 and you called at the technical support of Dell computers to sort out the issue for you and the technician there isolated the issue and asked you to remove and reseat the the network card on the system board. Although you have not mentioned what problem exactly you are facing with your desktop computer but as the technician on the phone had informed you that your network card is not installed in proper way so you might be facing internet issue. If you know how to open the cabinet, then you can do it yourself, so open the tower locate the network card , you can find it on the PCI slot of the motherboard, remove and reseat it . I have no idea what the phrase "draining the flea power " means.

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    Re: How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

    I suggest you to not to do anything in hurry, there is some reason why the technician asked you to drain the flea power. Those people who take the call at the technical support are well trained about their systems and their parts. Whatever measure they suggest has a valid reasoning. Once a system is turned off there remains some static or residual power in the tower that needs to be drained to avoid the shocks. I do not know exactly how to do it .

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    Re: How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

    To drain the flea power means to free the system from the static that remains in the internal parts of the CPU, mainly motherboard. I agree with what Killen said, it is done to avoid the shock as you open the tower and touch any internal component. The flea power or the static can be drained once a computer is turned off. After turning off the computer, unplug all the cables from the surge protector and the wall socket. Remove all the cables from the back of the CPU, but remember their respective ports from where you are removing, so that you do not face any difficulty while plugging those cables back. Once all the cables are removed, press the power button of the CPU at the front panel and hold it for 10-12 seconds. This will remove the static power from the CPU. Now you can open the CPU and reseat the network card.
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    Re: How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

    To Drain the Flea Power From Dell Laptop

    • Power the system down.
    • Remove all external devices and disconnect AC adapter power cable from the system if applicable.
    • Remove the battery from the system.
    • Hold down the power button continuously for at least 5 seconds.
      Do not release the power button during this process.
    • Insert the battery back to the system.
    • Power the system on.

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    Re: How to Drain the flea power from Dell Dimension 3000

    ANALOGY: if the problem is no signal issue!!

    you try to check the monitor and its working fine!!
    you try another working monitor to your system and its no signal!!

    try to swap the peripherals inside your tower such as ram, video card, etc.

    BUT for the sake of this issue HOW TO RELEASE FLEA POWER!!
    you can try to UNPLUG AND PLUG THE CMOS!!

    for the this kind of issue the one stated above," no signal" try to
    isolate the problem and if you end to this troubleshooting step try this!!


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