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Thread: Ram memory problem of computer

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    Ram memory problem of computer

    I using good configuration on my pc with 4 GB of ram, but my problem is that I am not able to use my full 4 GB. It shows only 3.25GB please answers me where my remaining memory is hided and can it affect my pc speed. Is there any way of combining all my 4GB of ram for my use. I am using Kingston branded ram and windows vista 32bit with core 2 duo processer and gigabyte g41 motherboard.

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    Re: Ram memory problem of computer

    This time you encompass to think of. You have 4GB of ram, additional than you are utilizing a 32bit operating system. At present your system is merely demonstrates to see 3.25GB of ram. If you were using an x64bit operating system you would demonstrate 4GB. You can go to start menu right click on my computer and select properties, there it will show you 3.25GB of ram. .Go to start/all programs/accessories/system tools and click on RUN. Just type in MSCONFIG and click OK. Then select the start up tab. Then check the list and deselect any program that isn't linked with your computer or hardware directly. This way, anything that isn't actual to be running will not be running, until you ask them to open afterward in your computer session. Anything in the startup selection that are booted up to run when your computer starts up, will start up and stay running in the background the whole time you have your computer turned on.

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    Re: Ram memory problem of computer

    Still in spite of the fact that you have the 64 bit edition of Vista. Vista itself takes 1GB of ram just to run. This was one of the huge complaints about Vista when it came out. So it will automatically shows that from useable memory. So it should be saying 3 for sure. I would take the long road and take out 1 stick at a time and reboot your computer and see what it says. If you take one out and its still says 2GB that is probably the defected one. If you take one out and it drops down to nothing then it means its a working stick. It could also be the wrong DIMM as well. Only certain mother boards in computer can handle only certain DIMM

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    Re: Ram memory problem of computer

    At present by windows 32 bit version wont use the full amount of memory accessible in the RAM but in general 64 bit windows7 takes the full amount of memory. On the other hand you can tweak to use the full RAM in msconfig highly developed option. There you can find the RAM and increase the size to the maximum. Once check the size of the virtual memory in the computer properties. You said that u unpinned the rams to check whether they are working suitably or not. Your rams are perfectly fine and never try to unpin it unreasonably and don't think that one ram is working. Many people dint notice that windows wont use the full amount of ram until we tweak it manually.

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