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Thread: D5400XS (skulltrail) memory performance

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    D5400XS skulltrail system memory performance

    I want to get the more performance with my gaming computer. I have been using the Intel D5400XS skulltrail gaming platform for my PC. I decided to add the extra 2 FBDIMMS in my skulltrail. Now my upgrade totals to 10 GB (i.e. 2 x 1GB and 4X2GB). After completing the replacement task I went to see the performance of it. It works good as I assumed. Later I have noticed that there is a little variation in memory performance. How could this happen? is there any problem with mixing up the different sizes of FBDIMMS ?
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    FRDIMM or Fully Buffered DIMM is a latest type of memory technology which is able to increase the performance of the memory systems. It introduces AMB (Advanced Memory Buffer) among memory controller and module. In order to get the full performance of FBDIMM the motherboard should support SPD (Serial Presence Detect) data structure. If it doesn’t support your skulltrail the BIOS will automatically arrange the memory controller for regular process. Also the cooling problem sometime may cause the performance. check that the memory u replaced is of same speed. If it is of different speed, the slow speed runs as default.

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    The Skulltrail D5400XS has dual CPU socket and multi GPU System with four FBDIMM sockets. The problem is that it supports limited features regarding the memory features.
    1. DDR2 SDRAM
    2. 1.5 V voltage ( include a option to raise voltage)
    3. Maximum memory size 16GB
    4. Minimum system memory 512MB
    5. SPD
    6. Speed of SDRAM are DDR2 800, DDR2 667 DDR2 533 MHz

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    The existing desktop chipsets contain dual- channel memory interface. But the D5400X is equipped with quad channel memory interface. This could access the four memory modules at the same time. These interfaces and the FBDIMMS are optimized for quick write and read. There is a recommended option that the FBDIMM cooling fan is used on Intel Skulltrail D5400XS board. It must be purchased separately

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    The only luxury option for the gamers is a Skulltrail. Because of its outstanding performance it will get the more popularity among coders and power editors. As far as the memory feature is contain 2 x four 240 pin Fully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module (FBDIMM) socket for DDR2 SDRAM. Make sure that you have installed the memory on the right sockets; Mixing in RAM sockets makes the difference in read and write process.

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