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Thread: Computer does not boot after attaching hard drive

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    Computer does not boot after attaching hard drive

    I have a serious problem at hand, my computer wont start. It only shows the dell startpage and thats it. But if i take out the hard drive and start it, it is able to detect no hard drive, when i put it back, it stalls again. NB: i have no jumper on the hard drive but it was working fine till yesterday. do i need to have one? what can i do to make my computer start? please help.


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    Re: My computer wont start

    When you boot your system the BIOS checks the hardware connected to your system and gives you a beep sound. A first beep is for the CPU and RAM and second beep is for the hard drive. There are two assumptions here. First when you connect your hard drive your system gets hangs on the BIOS screen. This means the bios is not able to fully detect your hard drive. Try this, first change the connection place of hard drive. There will be some additional ports on the motherboard. At the boot time press F2 or Del and enter the bios. Go in Drive configuration or hard drive page and look that your hard disk is detected or not. If not then check the cable are properly attached to the hard drive.

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    Re: Computer does not boot after attaching hard drive

    the cable is in place. i tried a different hard drive and it was able to detect it. i then used the old one and the system still did not detect it. i tried to slave it but it was not detected as well.

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    Re: Computer does not boot after attaching hard drive

    Have you tried changing the hard drive up to another PC, initially make it master and if it is not working as master, then as a slave? That should help substantiate it actually is the hard drive & not something wrong with the controllers on the motherboard the drive formerly came out of. This may be for the reason that your hdd is bad. It must be some circuit or some mechanical difficulty that is causing the hdd to short out and not let the computer post. I had a seagate that did this, and it didn't post the computer no issue what computer I tried it on, found out it was mechanical problem, that was causing the hdd to overload the supply and thus not permit it to boot.

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