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Thread: My new HP speaker And Mic doesnít work on my computer?

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    My new HP speaker And Mic doesnít work on my computer?

    I have brought new HP speaker and microphone. But both can not work I checked microphone setting and saw me it is ok .and speaker canít throw output of voice. I checked every wire or level of volume is all right speaker wire also remove and after clean put inside the pot . I already checked my sound card. Same problem in microphone it is also not work properly I requested to give me a better suggestion for speaker and microphone.

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    Re: My new HP speaker And Mic doesnít work on my computer?

    Many people face the same problem in HP speaker and microphone HP can create good quality product in market for use is very easy or people can not face problem, checked the sound card remove software .upload new software for sound or upload new drivers of sounds you got the drivers from the internet. you can upload for only new operating system only like window 95 to window7. HP can supported only new up gradation OS.

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    Re: My new HP speaker And Mic doesnít work on my computer?

    Suddenly my speaker and microphone is not working but I can change the wire and port position I can put the wire in second pot in that pot can not work microphone and speaker. I am just checked the drivers. drivers can not work. after install the drivers sounds. sounds come but microphone can not work .just microphone checked the microphone was broken than I can changed. Con not new now microphone can work properly. Just use HP peripherals is long life of your hardware. HP launch new series in speaker for good output of audio.

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    Re: My new HP speaker And Mic doesnít work on my computer?

    I face the same problem in audio speaker and microphone then I will change the speaker which was supported to operating system can accepted. You can be change the HP speaker series for good quality sound . I purchased new speaker and microphone really better than before series I really give suggest to brought HP can launch new series speaker and microphone .HP can give solution for audio devices on internet. take information on net HP available for the all deviceís. related speaker With bass quality and microphone.

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