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Thread: Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?

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    Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?

    Hey I want to play bioshock game (Mac version). I am trying to use my xbox 360 wired controller to play it but it is not supporting this game. But here is choice in controller preference to choose these controllers but still I do not know why it is not working. It does not matter how I am connecting my PC 360 controller to my mac machine. I have installed tattleboogie driver but it still controllers are unrecognized. Has anyone else who is facing same problem? If you people have any idea about this problem please inform me. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?

    I am also having same problem. I do not where the main problem is but I am sure that it irritating. I have installed all available and supportive drivers but still controllers are not ready to work with my system. And you know one of my friends is playing same game with xbox 360 controllers but difference is that, he is using windows on their platform. So I think so problem is in our MAC OSX who is not providing proper drivers to solve this problem. Still I am searching for genuine help. I have send email for this problem to apple support team. I hope they will provide me proper driver name. When I will receive reply from apple I will inform you via this forum.

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    Re: Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?

    Tattiebogle is driver which allows your system to use wired xbox 360 controllers for playing games. These licensed also support wireless controller through Microsoft receiver. You can use this driver for you MAC OSX because I am using same controller without any problem. I think so problem can be in your game or may be in game s itself. Just try to check that, game is supporting your machine keyboard or not. If it is supporting then problem can be in your controller. Test this controller on any other platform rather than MAC and check they are working or not. If you need this driver to install on your system please click here. Perhaps your driver can be wrong so try to use this one and also update it if its is possible.

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    Re: Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?

    Hello! Some of latest version of Tattileboogie drivers are making problem sometimes. I have seen lots of complain on apple forums about this same issue. MAC has already tested their system highly with wired and wireless controller with 0.08 driver of Tattieboogie. But still you can see lots of complaint with 0.08 drivers and we are still checking where the problem is. I think so peoples are facing problems because all these drivers and not official. MAC must be doing experiment here but still it is difficult to know that what the problem on user’s computers is. But still if you people have problem then try to use lower version drivers or send your system to MAC support and they will check where the problem is.

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    Re: Bioshock and xbox 360 wired controller?

    Thanks for replying! I am user who have already installed latest driver but still I have not seen such any solution on my system. I am also not seeing any configuration about this system. Bioshock does not recognize my controller while when I insert these controller in to the USB, hardware recognize that USB game controller has inserted. Since OS is recognizing these controller then I pretty sure that there is no problem in my operating system. Can you suggest me some kind of setting to work with such settings? Should I try to install lower version of drivers? Maybe they can helpful for us.

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