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Thread: Help me access to my hard drive please!

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    Help me access to my hard drive please!

    I am in trobule because my internal hard drive is not access properly and not allow me access a data.I wan't my data nack without formating. I don't want my data lost. Please help to how can I access to that drive and get back all my data without formatting it. can i use my hard disk or it useless now?If data will lost permanently so can use my hard drive after formatting? Reply please

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    Re: Help me access to my hard drive please!

    hi, I got solution for your problem. This is Data recovery software for corrupted hard drives. MediaHeal for Hard Drives retrieves files from corrupted hard drive. Supported hard drive formats:
    • NTFS, FAT12, VFAT12, FAT16, and FAT32
    • The recovered data is saved into a new user-selected location to prevent damage to the original data.

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    Re: Help me access to my hard drive please!

    hi, Just check your computer setting.First right click on computer,manage,expand storage, click disc management.
    In the center section click on the drive and try giving it another letter.
    save changes.After changing setting you check your hard disk data, if it working that will help to you to get your data back.

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    Re: Help me access to my hard drive please!

    hi,You check your SMPS power supply connection and sata connection. After check your hard disk. check your hard disk port is working properly or not. If hard disk working on another computer so there is not any problem with your hard disk, So internal setting of comruter.If port is not working so change slot.

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    Re: Help me access to my hard drive please!

    hey; Hardware data recovery can be expensive. Hard drive data recovery is usually done in a 'clean room' as hard drives are sealed to avoid errors caused by dust or other particles. In market there are no of people who provide the services. Also hard drives are tuned machinery and it takes specialist equipment which we use to read the platters from a physically damaged drive.If hard drive data recovered just keep backup of all important data or create image of disk.
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    Re: Help me access to my hard drive please!

    Your Hard disk not allow you to access a data. Use Hirean bootable CD. There is no of option you can see in it. You can keep backup of your hard disk,create a magic partition of disk, restore data in a particular location, crate a image file of drive or disk. I think this will help you lot. Hirean bootable CD you can download on internet free of cost.

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