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Thread: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

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    Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    I am having the iPhone with me and I am here to ask about the wired headset that I can have for the mobile phone. I do not want to go with the wireless, as I have seen lot of them that have just come up with lots of problem with the wireless headset. I just want to be little simple on this thing. I just wanted to have the suggestion so I started this thread. Please help me guys so that I can have a better headset for myself. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    Well it is nice that you have made a choice to go for the wired headset. Well I would have also gone with the wired headset. I have seen a lot in the market and have come across some of the headsets that I think are cool and at the same time are pretty comfortable for the ears. The first one that I think you should see is the Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Earphones and in this I would suggest you to go for the blue one. The second one in this thing is the ifrogz EarPollution Headphones and in this the red one will be the more suited one.

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    Re: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    You have asked for the wired headset and I have fetched the list of the headphone for you. Please have a look at the headphones. Skullcandy Smokin' Buds Mic'd, Skullcandy Icon Soft, Audio-Technica MP100 Music Phone Headphone, iHarmonix iHX Platinum i-Series, DENON AH-C560R, Monster Heartbeats by Lady Gaga with Control Talk. I hope that these many headphones would be more than enough for you.

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    Re: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    Wired headset for my Treo 650 the best I've been trying to find. I have used many and none for a long time and a very dirty sound from day 1. I like Bluetooth or I want to be with wire. Cost is not a real issue if it lasts, I use my phone a lot. Like 4-5hrs a day every day.

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    Re: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    I have come up here with the best five headphones that I could get. I have found these headsets in the pocket in all the dimensions that I can. Here are the names of the headphones:
    1. Klipsch Image S4 earphones
    2. Grado PS1000
    3. Koss PortaPro Headphones
    4. Bose QuietComfort 3
    5. This one is a Bluetooth one but yet I think that this best fits in the list Nokia BH-905

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    Re: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    Well thanks for all the posts and the replies that you all gave me. I think I should wait for some more headphones to get flushed here. I have gone through all the headphones that you all have suggested and I have seen the reviews and I have found that the headphones are pretty cool. Also I want to tell you all that I would not mind in spending some more money if I will get the best headphone. Thanks for the post.

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    Re: Best wired headset for iPhone 2010

    For the iPhone I have also come here with the 5 headphones and I think that this all headphones are really the one that are applicable for your business. Just go for the list here:
    • V-Moda Vibe Earbuds
    • Bang & Olufsen A8
    • Sennheiser CX-300 earphones
    • Shure E4-n Sound Isolating Earphones
    • Sony MDR-EX90LP Stereo earphones

    These are the special headphones for the iPhone.

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