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Thread: Problem with Philips CD-R's

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    Problem with Philips CD-R's

    I just purchased 2 new batches from Philips CD-R MUSIC CD-Rs for utilize in my Philips CDR 560 audio recorder. These discs are obviously labeled DIGITAL AUDIO which I be acquainted with my recorder requires. These discs all are unsuccessful to record giving OPC FAIL. The CDR560 works very well with TDK and Fuji Music CD-Rs. It appears like there is a awful batch of Philips CD-Rs out there. Any person has this trouble then please helps me also?

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    Re: Problem with Philips CD-R's

    I distrust it has whatever thing to do with audio vs. "data" CDs [1]. From what I recognize, there is an area on top of the disk the Power Calibration Area meant to let the drive to test a variety of power levels for the laser. The drive marks a number of test data at a variety of laser power levels and then reads it back to see which worked best. This procedure is called Optimum Power Calibration, or OPC. So, if not your drive by accident chosen this moment to start dying, it sounds like they are bad blanks.

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    Re: Problem with Philips CD-R's

    I also have been utilizing a Philips CDR 560 pleasant lightweight machine. And this year ran into enormous harms with "music" blanks from Maxell. Similar indication as you report. Sorry to say, this Philips model may be headed for obsolescence since its range of laser power location does not appear to let for the way empty discs are made these days even though comparatively few people would usually use "music" CD-Rs at high speeds, since the "data" blanks are not as much of expensive.

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    Re: Problem with Philips CD-R's

    The one thing I would say is still if you are able to obtain one or extra of the discs to pass OPC, do not utilize them. The material may not be recoverable afterward on. In particular do not record on the disc and then throw out it with no having confirmed it, even if you are in hasten. What occurred with me was that I attempted to go back and confirm the recordings I would made on the Maxell blanks, but the second time in the region of the recorder reported OPC FAIL on the similar discs so there was no way to confirm them on that recorder at all.

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    Re: Problem with Philips CD-R's

    Some of the recorders be firm on having CD-R's that are around 650MB dimension, so the superior capability CD-R's noticeable as audio CD's will not work. I am not confident it will resolve your difficulty, but it is the first thing to come to mind. SO I think you got this. Just try it hope it will fix your issue.

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