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Thread: Gateway volume control problem

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    Gateway volume control problem

    I have newly purchased a new Gateway NV59 17.3" laptop. I have noticed that, the touch-sensitive volume adjust buttons, is for no good reason, while they do alter the volume, no longer it cause a little pop-up where it shows the volume in a bar which is made up of tiny blocks. Also, the silent switch light is no longer switch on when itís getting silent, even though it does still generate the mute. Any help regarding this topic will be respected, Thanks.

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    Re: Gateway volume control problem

    I have faced the same problem with my new Gateway Laptop. I have some solution by which I have gone through and I have clear with the same volume problem. I was knew that if I will call to the engineer then the engineer will charge me more, so I decided to go inside the same problem I have we not the recovery also. And at the last I have find out the solution for the same problem.

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    Re: Gateway volume control problem

    It is very nice to hear that there is some way to fix this problem. I am also having the same problem what you have gone through. Can you provide me the solution for the volume problem occurred in the Gateway Laptop? So that I can able to use my Laptop properly without any mistake as you are using now.

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    Re: Gateway volume control problem

    I have solve the above problem by using the common steps which is given below
    • Got to the Gateway Recovery Management and run it,
    • Press OK at the command prompt,
    • Press the "Restore" option,
    • Press the "Reinstall Drivers ",
    • Choose the "Contents",
    • Take it down to "Launch Management" and atlast
    • Press the installation.
    • Once the process is being finished then restart the Laptop and login.

    You can able to see that the touch buttons started working. I hope this works for your Laptop system.

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    Re: Gateway volume control problem

    I think this must be the problem of the driver. Sometime it happens that the driver is being uninstalled by some mistake and it happened normally. I suggest you to go for the checks that have you uninstalled the driver of volume from your Laptop or not. If you have uninstalled it from your Laptop then go for the installation of the driver again to your Laptop. I think that will remove the problem from your system.

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