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Thread: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

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    IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    I am an unconditional beginner. I originate this forum at the same time as trying to fix tribulations on concerning the Scientific-Atlanta-KMM3010 from side to side IR. I have comprised a LCD Sony KDL-40EX1B which permits 2 IR Blaster to control additional apparatus such DVD Player. In fact it recognizes this Samsung DVD. Additional than the codes for the Box do not. Merely one code (1) is proposed for Scientific-Atlanta, other than no signal works. How it is sustained or maintained to introduce the TDC_rm.rmdu file on the box from side to side computer.

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    Re: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    Primarily similar to coming to locate and give reply to the BAZILIION dissimilar computer and entertainment tribulations that be able to come from having right of entry to no matter which and everything electronic. I have comprised been asked by a friend to build and put mutually an HTPC that determine to permit him to watch TV on his PC, record what is being passed from side to side WINDOWS 7 MEDIA CENTER (MC) and then subsequent to its recorded be capable to watch that recording from two additional locations inside his house.

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    Re: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    First I consideration that I would start by means of the HTPC and get that built (specs beneath). Then I had to locate a method to capture the satellite provide for from his Bell ExpressVU Receiver (STB). For this I determined that I would utilize the Happauge HD PVR. I would utilize the "video out" on the STB and pass it from side to side the HD-PVR, which is USB associated to the HTPC, then into the Denon Receiver that is pushing audio to Denon Surround resonance speaker set up and Video to overhead Sony projector.

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    Re: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    I was capable to get the HD-PVR to run by means of Media Center(MC). This is impressive that happauge does not make available hold up or maintain for additional than by means of the help of a piece of software that permits Media Center to pick up the HD-PVR USB feed I was capable to get it displayed on the Media Center(MC). In addition I was capable to get MC media guide to grab the consequent feed for his Bell Satellite Subscription. If you actually desires to watch those demonstrate the entire in excess of again, the entire you has to do is to hit it off record on the MC direct and you have to then saving the files. Once they are completed recording you be supposed to be able to then, go to his room and load up his media extender and stream the files from his HTPC or even a NAS.

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    Re: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    Fundamentally this works. The merely problem I encompass is that MC does not revolutionize the channels on his STB. What this revenue is that if the MC is set to verification channel 400 and the STB is set to channel 650, then what you observe is not what you gets. What I represent is that MC has a description for the series Hellís Kitchen and his genuine video is American idol, in view of the fact that the channel that MC was tuned too (Hellís Kitchen) was not the similar channel that the STB (American idol) was tuned to.

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    Re: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    I be familiar with I might immediately set together apparatus to tune to the accurate channel and then utilize the MC to record. Additional than to me thatís not easy sufficient. I have comprised and seen IR blasters approximately and I believe this is the apparatus that I determine to necessitate. Additional than I did get one by means of my HD-PVR other than in view of the fact that have read that it determine to not work by means of MC merely that it determine to work by means of the Total Media Extreme software that came by means of the HDPVR. Not what I desire.

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    Re: IR Blaster Code for Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 cable

    The subsequent statement is dissimilar to your present "thrust", so I doubt you determine to take this, my most excellent advice, to heart, additional than I feel (somehow), honorably obligated to opine and to advise. This is as much an problem of personal values and philosophy other than, approximately here, most of them similar to point out the entire relevant "inefficiencies", by means of regard to the lifetime cost/presentation (and rationalization) of the platforms most of them spec here.

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