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Thread: Compare HD+ vs FHD

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    Compare HD+ vs FHD

    I am currently using the Lenovo ThinkPad T60p which has a 1600x1200 @200 nits, and i am searching for a screen for my next machine. I am confused between the HD+ (1600x900) or the FHD (1920x1080). Both the screens are LED. Can you guys help me to decide for which screen i should go buying?

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    Re: Compare HD+ vs FHD

    This is already appealing: There are now more and more monitors, the Full HD TVs are. That is often: This multi-functionality, the buyer proposes two birds with one stone. He gets a new, large screen and can sometimes look a Blu Ray disc too. And this at a price no higher that of a low-resolution HD Ready TV is as. LCD TVs this comparison does TV station wagons from the monitor and HD TV for four, the foundation has tested Warentest.

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    Re: Compare HD+ vs FHD

    Who wants to watch HDTV, then still have to buy a cable box or a suitable satellite tuner. With the many connections the connection should not be a Probelm. In the two next Full HD televisions and monitors of LG after all, the DVB-C tuner has been installed. The weakness in all presented Wagons Full HD TV monitor and takes the overall tone, which distorts often come off. Here you should just use the audio output and connect your home theater system for television.

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    Re: Compare HD+ vs FHD

    While the ecosystem Full HD is just beginning to penetrate the market (TV, movies, Blu-ray), manufacturers are already thinking about his replacement: the Quad Quad HD or HDF. Behind this name hides simply barbaric screens capable of displaying a resolution four times sharper than the Full HD 3840 x 2160 pixels or 8,294,400 pixels in total, no less!

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    Re: Compare HD+ vs FHD

    Obviously, there is not really compatible video content and digital photos can only achieve resolution of this television. Incidentally, since the content compatible with the 1080 (and devices capable of producing content to this resolution) are rare and expensive, there is little doubt that the democratization of the Quad FHD is not for now.

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