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Thread: Can not format usb flash drive

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    Can not format usb flash drive

    i using a usb flash drive.when i try to transferred a file and data my laptop it freezes it and an error message appear while trying to remove it from the computer because of which i have to pull out the usb drive without safely removing it. when I plugged the drive back after restarting all the data in the usb drive losses and the usb drive became unforgettable.what can be the problem and what can be the best possible solution for the problem?

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    Re: Can not format usb flash drive

    usb flash drive not formatting issue can be related with the physical damage to the chip of the drive which stores the data which creating this kind of problems , this types of problems are difficult to fix as damage is done to the main part which stores data. if possible try to go for new usb drive as they now can be purchased at low price. there are many companies which are providing it at low cost.

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    Re: Can not format usb flash drive

    your problem may be of drive become write protect which make it difficult to format, the drive may have got corrupted, in this situation you may have to do a low level format, OnBelay is the tool which can be used to do so. removing it without safty removing can corrupt the data because at that time the computer may be doing the process of read or write to the disk when you remove try to remove it in the proper manner so that further conventions can be neglected.

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    Re: Can not format usb flash drive

    your problem of flash driving not formatting can be because the protect switch of some flash drives have a tiny write protect switch which does not allow it to be formatted so it to be placed in the right position ,try to apply this method will surly help you to maintain your usb drive last long without any issue.otherwise go for usb drive without this type of write protected switch.

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    Re: Can not format usb flash drive

    First try to uninstall usb drivers from your device manager which will be in my computer property in which go to hardware then to device manager.Then start machine again.check if it still unable to format at that time some process will be running on task manager which will be connected to flash drive if you stop that process like A.exe then you are able to format it.this will make your usb flash formatted.

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    Re: Can not format usb flash drive

    your problem of formatting usb drive can be solved if you try to run the system in the safe mode and then format it. the usb may be physically damage because of which the data and the memory chip may be failed so try to sort out this problem if it is damage then there is no option but get the new usb flash drive.

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