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Thread: Why is RAM used in computer?

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    Why is RAM used in computer?

    I want to purchase the desktop computer system within a month so that I want to know get the information of the computer system such that I get more to more knowledge of it and I can buy it very easily without any problem in the market. I came to know most of the internal peripheral device of the system but I didnít get what the RAM does for the computer system. If somebody be familiar with it please help me out.
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    Re: Why is RAM used in computer?

    Do you have the knowledge of basic parts of the computer system so that I can understand that whatever I say you will understand properly? If you are not aware with the internal peripheral device RAM the I will just show you only the image of the RAM but let me tell you the abbreviation Random Access Memory (RAM).

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    Re: Why is RAM used in computer?

    Computer data storeroom often called storage or memory which is refers to computer mechanism and copy media that keep digital data used for compute for some interval of time. Computer data storage space provide one of the hub functions of the current computer, that of information for the preservation. It is one of the fundamental components of all modern computers.

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    Re: Why is RAM used in computer?

    Your question is very simple and I can help to explain your problem so that you come to know the exact meaning of the RAM. The RAM (Random Access Memory) plays an important role in the integrated peripheral part of your computer system. Please go through this image so that you exactly come to know that where the RAM is placed on the motherboard.

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    Re: Why is RAM used in computer?

    I know that you are unaware of why RAM used for the computer system. The Random Access Memory is the abbreviation of RAM. It’s basically the computer system memory that can be used randomly. There are two dissimilar types of RAM presented in the marketplace DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and SRAM (Static Random Access Memory). It is totally two different types.
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    Re: Why is RAM used in computer?

    The term RAM is one and the same with main memory, the memory accessible to programs. Illustration, a computer with 8MB RAM has just about 8 million bytes of memory that programs can utilize. In dissimilarity, ROM (Read Only Memory) means special memory used to store programs that boot the computer and execute diagnostics. Most of the computer system has a small quantity of ROM. In truth, both type of memory ROM and RAM permit random access. To be specific, therefore, RAM should be referred to as read/write memory.

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