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Thread: Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

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    Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

    I am looking forward to add up a new SSD drive and i have seen some ssd drives which are G Skill Pheonix and another was OCZ agility II. I looking for a 120 GB drive but i have got confused between them as for which i should for buying. Can you guys helps me choose the drives between Kingston, G Skill & OCZ ssd drives?

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    Re: Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

    G Skill Pheonix is based on a DC Sandforce SF-1200, the Phoenix Pro is very similar to Phoenix "core", however it is optimized to provide a speed slightly higher in some cases and, particularly, to display maximum random write performance of blocks 4 kb. In fact, its performance in I / S are close to those of Crucial RealSSD C300 (256 GB version, anyway), but 3-5 times higher than those of the Intel X25-M SSD or Indilinx based controller.

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    Re: Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

    The Phoenix Pro stands out well enough of his little brother in PCMark Vantage and, in most test cases, also consume less. It is thus placed before it in terms of performance per watt, better, it ranks second in the index, just behind the OCZ Vertex 2, which also feature a controller SF-1200. Intel and Toshiba models are however better in terms of reading performance per watt, they consume significantly less while maintaining the same performance in writing.

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    Re: Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

    OCZ SATA II 3.5 Agility 2 "Solid State Drives Deliver Performance the Saami have the 2.5" edition in a larger form factor to Easily integrate desktop applications Into Without the Need to install additional hardware, with additional gain Than the original at a lower cost per gigabyte . Designed to excel in both sequential and random read/write speeds up to 10,000 4KB random write IOPS, the 3.5 Agility 2 maximizes productivity when using as a primary storage or boot drive, minimizing program load times and completing tasks with blazing speed.

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    Re: Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

    Using the latest technology with mainstream controller IOPS performance for a more cost-effective solution, the 3.5 "Agility 2 Provider faster, more responsive PC experience with TRIM full support to keep your drive Operating at peak performance in Windows 7 systems. Built with SATA 3Gb/s, Agility 2 3.5 drives easily integrate into today's desktop platforms as the ultimate storage upgrade. Built with SATA 3Gb / s, Agility 2 3.5 "drives Into Easily integrate today's desktop platforms have the ultimate storage upgrade.

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    Re: Kingston, G Skill & OCZ SSD drives

    With the OCZ SSD Agility Series, forget traditional hard drives in the revolution and enter the flash! Faster than a mechanical hard drive, SSD Agility Series has a transfer rate of 230 Mb / s read, and up to 135 Mb / s write.
    Its impact strength is unparalleled since the Agility can protect your data up to 1500G and has a MTBF of one million and a half hours. The future of storage is at your fingertips with the Agility Series from OCZ!

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