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Thread: Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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    Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    My old keyboard and mouse is not working properly and I need to buy a new keyboard and mouse. I am looking at Logitech stuff and keen on MX 5500 Revolution or MX 3200. One of them is Bluetooth and other one is RF. What is the main difference between those two? Please reply as early as possible because my PC is useless without keyboard and mouse.

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    Re: Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    If you go for my suggestion then I will suggest you to go for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. As far as I know there is barely a difference between those two. Both of them has the same range and that is around 3 meters.
    If you are a very hardcore gamer then only you will notice the difference otherwise for a normal user, they cannot make the difference.

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    Re: Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    According to me unless you need a wireless keyboard, mice or headphone why do you bother for that. Generally their cost is high than there wired equivalents. It is just an another thing which has a batteries that will go flat at worst time.

    I would say that if you are going to choose between those two then I will suggest you to go for Bluetooth because you will not have any problem with communication.

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    Re: Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    I am also using the same for my htpc and I think that they work great and it has a excellent rang. Bluetooth devices are more costly and that is the only issue with Bluetooth. And there is only one problem with them that some of the games wonít touch them.

    Have you realize that Shintaro wireless keyboard has the same radio frequency bandwidth as Bluetooth but it does not employ the frequency of Bluetooth.

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    Re: Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    The mode of connection is the main difference between Bluetooth and wireless mouse. Feature of Bluetooth is integrated within PC and in case of mouse it just has to connect with the device.

    Transmitter has to be plugged into the computer to use RF wireless mouse. Bluetooth does not take up a USB slot but in case of wireless mouse, it needs a USB slot. Wireless mouse has a greater range and it also high data transfer rate.

    Transfer of data can be possible through physical objects like wall etc but data transfer gets disturbed when any physical object comes in its path in case of wireless mouse.

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    Re: Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    A wireless mouse is the term used to present a computer mouse which connects to computer via Radio Frequency (RF). RF transmitter is used to connect the computerís USB and wireless mouse. There is continuous transmission of signals between computer wireless mouse for passing message between mouse and computer. This provide the mouse speed up to 11Mbps to 54 Mbps.If we talk about the Bluetooth mouse they use short rang wireless standards. Bluetooth technology is used to establish communication between computer peripherals and computer. It gives the speed of about 3 Mbps.

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