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Thread: CHKDSK is not responding

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    CHKDSK is not responding

    I started issuing the command as chkdsk onto my Dell computer system, I have rebooted my machine and currently it is getting some stuck. The blue screen states that "Checking file system on C" .. The file system is defined as the NTFS

    CHKDSK is verifyingfiles (1 of 5)
    81 percent completed
    I have used some other things but my system got locked up with the same...I am running with the installation of Windows XP. Please help me out from this issue !!!! Can someone suggest me for this issue ?

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    Re: CHKDSK is not responding

    I have just done the formatting and performed the clean installation of Windows XP Professional, I have completed the downloading of entire critical Windows updates, scanned for any viruses and the spyware, but I did not found anything . My issue is that whenever I issue the command as chkdsk /f from the command line or by alternate-clicking on the C: drive, tools, error-checking, Windows will require if I need to specify the disk checking tool at another restart. I always choose yes and whenever I reboot, chkdsk never performs . I am just absolutely clueless.

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    Re: CHKDSK is not responding

    There is some other method through which you can get the same result but you have to run this in different way . Just go for trying this from the recovery console.. you will require to booting of your operating system disk to perform the same .

    I am running with a sneaky feeling which systemworks is where your issue is... that program has caused me some disk associated issues within the past when it didn't started up properly.
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    Re: CHKDSK is not responding

    So many thanks for prompt reply here. I am not sure that the Norton contains such type of bug, I am using this for a long time , without any issues . This is the initially time that I am suffering with such type of issues .By the way, I have done the installation of only the antivirus and windoctor . I think , the next step is to perform the uninstallation and find out if the chkdsk executes at booting. If not, I will perform the complete reformatting procedure and perform the installation without systemworks.


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    Re: CHKDSK is not responding

    Please go through the steps suggested below :

    Chkdsk is one of tool provided from microsoft corporation, it is used to check the integrity of the data stored on to the system's hard disk drive as well as find and resolve the errors tagged on the disk that could muddle such data. How to issue the checkdisk command from the recovery console (Windows XP).

    1- Put the Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive, and then reboot the machine.

    2- When the "Welcome to Setup" screen displays, choose R to start the Recovery Console.

    3- When you required to do the same , type the Admin password. If the admin password is blank, just issue the ENTER key. From the Recovery Console command prompt, type the below suggested command and press Enter:

    chkdsk /r

    4- Report any errors

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