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Thread: Printer not printing double sided

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    Printer not printing double sided

    I am having a Xerox Phaser 3310 PS printer, with Duplex unit installed. The printer is associated to our SBS 2008 SP1 server, and is mutual on the intra network. On the website of the printer manufacturer a Postscript PPD file is established. They portray the printer as compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. The printer is installed involuntarily, and the Duplex option is perceptible. Even when this options is selected, every print is Single sided. I looked at the support articles in MS forums and Xerox forums, but didn’t find a solution. So I am having much expectations from your side. Any other information related to this topic would be grateful.

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    Re: Printer not printing double sided

    I would like to say that you should painstakingly eliminate registry entries and files associated to the printer driver, in order to decipher the problem. Also try to remove printer from SBS Server: Print Manager -> Drivers -> Remove Driver Package Checked registry and directory \spool\ for driver ‘junk’. After doing this restart your system. And then again add the printer to your server. I hope that it will work.

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    Re: Printer not printing double sided

    There are chances that your printer driver perhaps not installed appropriately. To fix your problem, it's better to eliminate the old driver meticulously, then reinstall the new driver. The following steps will help you
    1. Start Windows Explorer, and then rename the entire files and folders in the following two folders:
    2. To rename a file, you can right click the file and select Rename.

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    Re: Printer not printing double sided

    Without duplex unit provides you with a default option for duplex printing available. These enable the Print dialog box by selecting manually duplex. With this option, the printing process for each page is broken. Under pressure from the front, you can turn a leaf, insert it again and confirm the pressure of the back. With a larger number of pages a very laborious process.

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    Re: Printer not printing double sided

    The turning of each page in the manual duplex printing, you can avoid by this trick: Print first all fronts and every backs.
    • Click the Print button is not printing, because most of the programs once the print edition with the default settings to the default printer then run. Instead, select the File menu, the Print command.
    • Select the following dialog select the setting under pressure Odd pages and confirm the dialog with OK to start printing the first selection.
    • Place the printed pages into your printer again and repeat the print edition with setting straight sides.
    • Initially you should test this method of printing with two or three sheets of paper. But even with a firm grasp of technology, I recommend printing the page number in the same dialog box under page number limit more and more about 50 pages (25 sheets) with a print job to print before. If that is the printer when printing a page two hands simultaneously runs through all of the following pages are printed with the wrong back.

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    Re: Printer not printing double sided

    It is your vender website. I think from here, you find great guide.

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