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Thread: ThermoChill - 420 PA140.3 Radiator

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    ThermoChill - 420 PA140.3 Radiator

    I want to buy a new Radiator and I have heard that the ThermoChill is a good option for that. I am not knowing anything about it, so thought that there would be some guys over there, who should be knowing about it. So please provide some more information about the ThermoChill as early as possible. information about the specifications would be grateful.!!

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    Re: ThermoChill - 420 PA140.3 Radiator

    Thermochill Radiators are known to be the most efficient radiators on the market. These new revisions include a shortening of the spacing between holes 15 mm fan to make the heater more compact and easy installation inside the box. The spacing of 15mm is now identical to all types of radiators. In terms of performance it is still king in its class, negligible resistance to flow and optimal performance cooling. It is ideal for any type of fan (low power).

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    Re: ThermoChill - 420 PA140.3 Radiator

    The following are the Specifications of ThermoChill :
    • Color: Black Matte
    • Thread: 3 / 8"
    • Material: Brass & Copper Fin spacing
    • Weight: 1.9 kg
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 480 x 142 x 59mm
    • Secures 3-6 140mm fans
    • Comes with screws to secure the fans
    • Comes with rubber anti-vibration to be placed between the radiator and fans
    • Supplied without caps

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    Re: ThermoChill - 420 PA140.3 Radiator

    Thermochill nothing left long ago, but here is the prototype of a PA140.3 radiator appears to compete with models such HWlabs GTS 140/280/420. As its name suggests, is a triple radiator for a fan base of fans 140 mm, or 36% more frontal area in relation to a radiator 360. That will satisfy those with a machine dissipating much heat in their liquid cooling system, you just find a place to put it. Like its predecessors, it retains its large thickness and relatively low density of fins (~10-11 FPI), well adapted to low breakdowns.

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