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Thread: HP Pavilion dv6500 does not charge battery

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    HP Pavilion dv6500 does not charge battery

    Following an electrical problem that occurred during my absence, my HP Pavilion DV6500 AC no longer works . It was plugged in and turned on without battery when the problem occurred . Since it no longer works on battery , and it does not load when my computer is plugged in , which is very problematic. I went to a computer to test my power cable, what it did to me and even with that other cable , nothing worked . They said there was certainly something that had blown ( like the fuel system ...), and it would be very expensive to replace or repair, it was better to buy a new system. Please help.

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    Re: HP Pavilion dv6500 does not charge battery

    You need to check the condition of the battery using the HP Battery test. Perform these steps to download , install and use the test battery on all HP laptops manufactured after 2004 .. For more information on the test battery from HP , including a list of supported portable computers , see the document " HP Notebook PCs - Frequently Asked Questions on the test battery for HP , Downloading and installing the utility test battery for HP
    1. Download the test utility battery HP at the following location : File Download HP Battery Check ( SP41862 )
    2. Click Execute .
    3. If a security warning appears, click Execute .
    4. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement Then click Following .
    5. again Click Following .

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    Re: HP Pavilion dv6500 does not charge battery

    Checking the status of the battery using the HP Battery test
    1. Insert the adapter into the laptop and plug it directly into a wall outlet.
    2. Click Start , Then All programs On Hewlett- Packard and finally onTest Utility for HP battery .
    3. The results of the test battery will be presented immediately . Detailed instructions are provided with the results . One of the following results appear in the Status section of the battery: Good : The battery is in perfect working condition.Replace : One or more of the cells can not be responsible or storage capacity is "weak "and the battery should be replaced . Instructions on where to buy a replacement battery or if the battery is covered under warranty HP will appear .Invalid : the AC adapter is not connected , more batteries are installed or the battery is not correctly installed. Follow the instructions given by the test utility to correct the problem.

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    Re: HP Pavilion dv6500 does not charge battery

    This test will require between one and three hours , depending on the condition of the laptop . Computer can not be used during the execution of the following steps . These steps will also calibrate the battery to increase the accuracy of the power indicator .
    1. Connect the AC adapter and allow the computer to charge the battery at 99-100 % capacity. To determine the percentage of battery power when the computer is operating normally , click with the right mouse button on icon Food in the system tray and select Open the power indicator . The charge level is displayed .
    2. Once the battery charged at its maximum capacity , shut down the computer.
    3. While leaving the laptop off , connect the AC adapter plugged into a wall outlet in good working condition .
    4. Press / Off then release it to start the computer .
    5. When you see the Windows logo , repeatedly press the F8 .
    6. When the boot menu advanced window appears , select the option Starting in Safe Mode .
    7. Enter the current time as start time of the test when fully loaded .
    8. Remove the cable from the adapter from the laptop .
    9. Allow the battery to discharge completely until the notebook turns off.
    10. Record the time at which the battery was totally discharged.
    11. Subtract the time of discharge to the start time to calculate the elapsed time.
    12. Register for this period compared to other values in future testing or release it to an HP support specialist if you think the battery is defective .

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    Re: HP Pavilion dv6500 does not charge battery

    The battery in your laptop is designed to provide the energy needed to the processor while maintaining safety standards HP's strict . Therefore, it is possible that the battery will stop charging or powering the laptop if its temperature exceeds that specified in safety standards. If the life of the battery seems shorter than normal , so the battery will stop charging before it reaches 99-100 % capacity and if it seems warmer than usual , it is very likely it has reached its state security " without charge ". The battery will no longer charge until the temperature has not been reduced .

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