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Thread: Remove Keyboard Acer 6292 TravelMate

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    Remove Keyboard Acer 6292 TravelMate

    Hi everyone,
    I need to remove out and clean the keyboard on my Acer TravelMate 6292 as a selected keys PageDn & Right Arrow suddenly not functioning at all and I figured out the reason of the issue and that it is some dirt that has got in as first it was single key and currently there are two. There is a couple of tabs and the keyboard can be picked a bit - but I need not to force this and require to lift it off more than that . Can someone suggest me about the same here ....


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    Re: Remove Keyboard Acer 6292 TravelMate

    Hi dear, No need to worry about that. I am suggesting you something and I am sure it would be much helpful for you . You have to try to remove the cover specified above the key board and just below the LCD display, though this will seems like it can't be removed but it is possible to do that and you can do it very easily , below that you will get some screw which captured keyboard with the rest of system and you are at your destination , now you have to do it with yourself and report if you are getting any difficulties in that.

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    Re: Remove Keyboard Acer 6292 TravelMate

    I required some help with the restoring procedure of an Acer Aspire 5100-3949 Laptop. I am suffering with some difficulties and I think it is going on just because of the keypad and touchpad drivers must be damaged. I have a restore disk but unable to access it because there is nothing on the keyboard/touchpad will register. I have also tried the combination of Alt+f10 when restarted but the keys are not getting detected at all . Does anybody here are aware that how I can be able to access eRecovery or my restore disk. Do you have any more idea to do this in different way ? Thanks for any assistance!!

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    Re: Remove Keyboard Acer 6292 TravelMate

    Your laptop commonly contains a PS2 connector on either side or the back to make the proper accommodation of a standard PS2 desktop keyboard. You need to go for that and try to do . If the issue is getting a stuck key and going at the more level and causing a boot error, you will have to dive into your laptop and unplug the laptop keyboard and then after make a restart making the connection with the PS2 keyboard.

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    Re: Remove Keyboard Acer 6292 TravelMate

    Fine , it looks like that you are running with the dead keyboard if it does not perform even in BIOS configurations section . The drivers is not getting ready to perform anything yet if you are not already entered into Windows system .

    I would recommend you something to do and just try to restart and access BIOS configurations and try pressing F2 during POST. if you are getting your keyboard and that is working very well there then there could be hope for you to perform a recovery, switch it OFF and switch that ON once again..

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