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Thread: Logitech QuickCam Driver history

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    Logitech QuickCam Driver history

    I am going to assemble a driver history to find a good consideration about the Logitech cameras means "new", "old", and "really old". If somebody here has some additional information regarding this topic then please post your ideas , or knows of a site with something similar. Means, Logitech reuses product names... There are old and new versions of cameras as name suggested "Messenger", "Notebooks Pro", etc. I need your contribution to make this possible ..

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    Re: Logitech QuickCam Driver history

    Yeah, I have some collection through which you can go for the proper driver for particular camera device. Please take a look at the following explanation :

    This is the list of Released Drivers:

    Vers.Date.Driver is most recent for respective cameras
    ----- ------- -------------------------------
    9.6.0 09/2006 == Compatible with the Dell XPS laptops added
    ............QuickCam for Dell Notebooks (PID=08C6)

    9.5.0 12/2005 == Logitech AEC updated
    ............#961403 Quickcam Fusion
    ............#961419 QuickCam Pro5000
    ............#961398 QuickCam Notebooks Pro
    ............#961422 QuickCam OrbitMP
    ............#961459 QuickCam IM
    ............#961469 QuickCam Messenger
    ............#961461 QuickCam Express/Go..
    ............#961462 QuickCam Chat........

    9.0.2 10/2005 == Logitech AEC introduced

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    Re: Logitech QuickCam Driver history

    7.3.0 [ 11/2002 ]
    • QuickCam Express (Actual version 046d:0840,0870,08d0,08e0 )
    • QuickCam Web
    • ClickSmart 310
    • ClickSmart 420
    • ClickSmart 510
    • 6.0.1 12/2001
    • QuickCam Traveler
    • QuickCam Home
    • QuickCam Pro (dark focus ring)

    5.6.1 [ 11/2001 ]
    4.1.5 [ 07/2001 ]
    • QuickCam VC
    • QuickCam Clip

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    Re: Logitech QuickCam Driver history

    There are several cameras are supported by the different software editions than you have posted (for example , a Traveler is compatible in ImageStudio 7.3.0). You have to find out the different types of INF's for what is really supported by every version, and how many drivers version is actually loaded for that release.

    One thing more, there is also supposed to be a new QuickCam IM which runs the 9.x software (provided with the 9.5.0)...but no one has posted the INF for that one as of yet and the "original" 9.5.0 does not appear to have an INF for this . By the way Best of luck for your project !

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