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Thread: Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

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    Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

    I am thinking of buying an IR Blaster for attaching it to my computer system for getting to my Windows Media Center and controlling my set top box. I am searching for the HP IR receiver. But the problem is that IR Blaster does not come with any kind of remote control, but it can be controlled by any RC 6 remote control. I want only one remote that is capable of controlling all the Media function hence I was thinking about the Z Cinema Remote control is a RC6 remote control.

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    Re: Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

    The Z Cinema SRS TruSurround HD is a technology that uses two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The two satellites are each about a foot high, and have clear sounds. The bass is 8 inches long, throw the outbreak of bass port, which is so large, you, may need to keep in your desk. The combination of the "three-amplification design and digital crossover EQ are very accurate and more natural, balanced response."

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    Re: Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

    I have to admit, it produces some of the coolest voices I have come into contact with, in particular, is a PC speaker. When I tested the action on someone like the Transformers movie, I feel like it was almost like being in action. In some cases, a little better than the existing, and start and end involved. Bass and subwoofer surround sound just take me off.

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    Re: Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

    The subwoofer is the hub for sorting the device. USB directly attached into computer, and use of the two speakers in a number of very different port connection. The subwoofer and then into the wall, and warned that it all hooked up and may cause some computers and wires behind the desk is very strange entanglement.

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    Re: Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

    The strange thing is that Z Cinema comes with remote control. I say oddly enough because I really do not think this is a long-range need, but I am happy there. Most PC speaker stereo speaker volume control often, so it means bending or tilt control. However, the Z Cinema remote control with volume, not only convenient, but also control the bass, treble, and many other features as well.

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    Re: Protocol for Logitech Z Cinema Remote Control.

    Most of the owners do not have good stereo as the Logitech Z Cyclones advanced surround sound system as the speakers. However, in the Z film is actually designed for personal computers, the Z-theater sound system can play a lot, but in the other stereo system. In addition to the remote, another feature of multiple input and output. A cell phone headset jack, the other for connecting MP3 players or other audio input jack.

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