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Thread: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

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    logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

    Firstly, I am a gamer proved. I play a lot but not only to relax, Counter Strike is a passion for me. I have looked everywhere on the net if anyone had the same problem as me but apparently I'm the only idiot who has inherited the only G5 Laser that bug. I bought it two months. For a month and a half, no problems. Two weeks ago, right in the game, my logitech G5 disconnects from usb when it feels like. As if someone was logged out of the USB port and then reconnected. However, there is no noise indicating an extraction of a USB device.

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    Re: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

    Hello. Try uninstalling the drivers, they are not very useful (I have a G5, I never felt the need to use it and I uninstalled the mouse works fine without, including changes in sensitivity ). Also see if these drivers have not been updated just in case if you want to continue to use them. And if not, the service is impeccable Logitech, they'll change the carefree.

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    Re: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

    Either this is a drivers issue or some other hardware failure so try changing the drivers at least once and if the problem still persists then i would suggest you to contact the service center then get your mouse repaired since it apears as the mouse is still in the warranty period and hence the repair would not be charged.

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    Re: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

    I toured with a PPC G5 (OS X 10.5) and a PB G4 (OS X 10.4.10) no problem for Skype and iChat (I never use the webcam with other IM: MSN, Yahoo ...) the only real problem is the lack of steering parameters of brightness, contrast, zoom, and centering. that IOXperts Macam does not address. This is simple driver issue try rolling back your drivers and install the latest which are available on the official website drivers

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    Re: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

    a lot of devices that require a driver to be recognized by the system no longer work in Snow Leopard, at least not as their manufacturers have not updated these drivers. After downloading the latest version of Logitech Control Center , select the installer, right click above and select "Show package contents". Go to File / Contents / Resources / Logitech Control Center.mpkg. Double-click the installer starts. Install and restart. This will resolve the whole matter.

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    Re: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

    You will also notice that you will be unable to invoke statement from your mouse. This is normal: the Logitech Control Center expects to find on display in the / Applications folder, but it has been moved to the / Applications / Utilities in Snow Leopard. Just duplicate statement in the / Applications folder to be able to use new statement with your mouse, pending the update of Logitech for Snow Leopard.

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    Re: logitech G5 disconnects from usb more frequently

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