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Thread: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

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    Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    Since I bought my wireless keyboard and mouse to play the keys I am having experience really bad. When I press a button to advance my avatar, it will stop before I loose the key. So I tried to find of drivers but still the problem is persisting. I think that somewhere I went wrong while installing the Wireless Keyboard. Anyone over there can help me in sorting the Wireless Keyboard problem.??! Please help me as soon as possible.!!

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    Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    If you are having the Wireless Keyboard problem, and even after updating the drivers the problem is not solving then you should check the system requirements and an operating system on which you are running it. If your computer is running Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later, install the software from the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Mouse that came with your keyboard. Insert the CD, double-click the installer and follow the instructions on the screen. If your computer is running Mac OS X 10.3 or later, you do not need to install additional software.

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    Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    You should also check the Bluetooth operation. If your Mac does not have integrated Bluetooth, connect a USB Bluetooth adapter (such as the Bluetooth USB D-Link DBT-120 Part Number) on the USB port of the computer. Choose Apple menu -> System Preferences to see if your computer is equipped with Bluetooth System. You do not need to connect an adapter if you see the Bluetooth icon. During the configuration process, you need a USB keyboard before the Apple Wireless Keyboard works. Keep a USB keyboard connected to the computer until you finish configuring the Apple Wireless Keyboard. When the setup is complete you can disconnect the USB keyboard.

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    Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    If you want to check the Keyboard Configuration, you will have to proceed through the following steps :
    1. Turn the keyboard.
    2. Slide the power switch to the side where the spacebar.
    3. Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. In the Select the device type, select Keyboard. Do not click on Continue.
    6. Turn on the keyboard. The light above the power switch should start flashing.
    7. Click Continue. The name of the keyboard should appear in the list of devices in the Search window.
    8. Select the keyboard from the list of Setup Assistant, then click Continue. The wizard is an attempt to pair with the keyboard.
    9. Lorsqu'Assistant settings prompted, enter the Apple Wireless Keyboard access code indicated in Setup Assistant. Press the Enter key on the keyboard when you're done.
    10. When the wizard indicates that the computer and the keyboard have been paired successfully, click Continue.
    11. The configuration is complete. Click Exit.

    You should now be able to use the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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    Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    If the light under the keyboard does not light or does not flash when you turn it on, make sure the batteries are fully charged and installed. Place the keyboard on your desk and you will find it takes much less space - up to 24 percent less - than other keyboards complete. It gives you more room to move your mouse comfortably. You'll also feel the difference when you type. Your hands will appreciate the low profile aluminum frame and strong responsiveness of the keys. Use the new wireless mouse Mouse Magic duo with Apple wireless keyboard and discover the pleasure of a clear desk.

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    Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    I contacted Belkin to report the problem with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard has been connected with many others such as a dongle Blue-sole dongle, the D-Link DBT-120 and I recently tested a TSM Dongle 10m Class II ... and it works perfectly!! It only remains to wait for tests Belkin, this seems like a software problem rather than hardware! It reminded me to do some tests, according to the VAS, the returnees are often made around one month later.

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    Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard problem

    Reset your keyboard or mouse Apple Wireless. Turn off the device (switch located below) for a few seconds and reconnect it. Wait a few seconds after turning the mouse or keyboard to pair with your computer can do. I am sure that this solution will work for you.!!

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