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Thread: How to enhance Sound Blaster EAX effects in realtime audio?

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    How to enhance Sound Blaster EAX effects in realtime audio?

    I'm very interested to buy Sound blaster external USB/PCMCIA sound card for my laptop.I'm a Church musician i wan't to use Sound blaster sound card EAX effects for my live performance.I have Audigy 2NX,but it is not very useful.It's EAX effects not working with realtime audio(piano) connected to the Line-In inputs.The EAX effects are working only with the audio/video files not with realtime audio.

    I heard that some USB cards have hardware accelerated EAX audio chip,but i don't know whether the EAX effects work with line inputs or not.

    I also heard that using creative alchemy drivers in windows vista operating sytem will enhance hardware accelarated EAX effects for direct sound games.I still have doubt whether this method will enhance EAX effects for line inputs or not.

    Please let me know whether there are any sound blaster external sound blaster cards available that can enhance EAX effects with the realtime audio connected to the Line-inputs of the sound cards?Please help.


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    Re: How to enhance Sound Blaster EAX effects in realtime audio?

    To configure and adjust your audio and speaker settings, use the following applications:
    Click Start -> Programs -> Creative -> Sound Blaster Play!, followed by the application you wish to launch. For more information on each application, refer to its online help.

    Check for more information here.

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