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Thread: Canon IJ Network Scan Utility?

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    Canon IJ Network Scan Utility?

    I recently got a Canon Pixma MX860 Printer. And I am using the same on MacBook working 10.4.11. I am trying to use it wirelessly through my home LAN. The printer starts working fine but late on I got a few update on my system and I am not able to use anything here. I am getting a error that I have to turn of Canon IJ NetworkScan Utility to fix the issue. But I cannot find anything that in the system. Is this some kind of virus. How to make the printer work back again.

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    This kind of issue occur when you are having multiple printer programs in your pc. You have to remove them and use only one so that you get a constant output. You have to check in your system what more program related to printer setup are installed. And remove them through the application part. Later on you have to start everything back again from scratch. You have to start working printer installation and then you will have to configure it properly.

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    Go in System Preferences > and then click on Accounts. From here select the account that you are logged in. In this you will be able to find Canon IJ Network Scan. Click on the same to get rid of this item. And then you have to reboot your pc to test back. You can also get rid of the utility through Activity Monitor where you can find the program working in the background. You have to remove the same and test once again. I am quite sure that will he help you more in fixing the issue.

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