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Thread: Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

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    Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

    I have connected Philips DVDR on my computer system and i have used this drive for burning the one video file which is a concert in fact. I use to play this video from my Windows Media Player 10 but the copy of the same concert which i have written on the disc can not be play with the latest version of media player that is 11.
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    Re: Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

    I think we both have similar kind of problem regarding the Philips DVDR and the error which i am getting on my Windows Media Player that is "Windows Media Player cannot display subtitles or highlights in DVD menus. Reinstall the DVD decoder or contact the DVD drive manufacturer to obtain an updated decoder". I have tried using some other softwares as well but it did not worked. But that disc can work on my laptop.
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    Re: Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

    It might happen that the Disc which you are trying to use on your Philips DVDR might have got corrupted or it may also happen that it would not be in a writable condition. Any problem could persists from these both conditions. Have you tried using some other disc with your player.
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    Re: Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

    RoninBlade, It seems that you have purchased a DVD drive of Philips which could be having problems while reading the discs. I recommend you to directly contact with the dealer from where you have bought this DVDR. If there would be any problem with the player itself then it could be only solved by the company itself. Dealer should be helping you to updated decoder of your Philips DVDR.
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    Re: Philips DVDR and Media Player 11

    I think you have to downgrade the version of Media Player on your computer system or you might have to update the decoder of your player as it would not be supporting for the latest version of windows media player 11. And it seems that your Philips is much older because of which it does not supports for the latest Windows Media Player.
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