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Thread: sxc 1280 usb modem

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    sxc 1280 usb modem

    I have recently upgraded my computer system to Windows 7 Home premium from Vista home premium. And i have bought a tata indicom prepaid usb modem to surf the world wide web. Model number is SXC - 1280 with the number 925941****. I am getting an error saying that " unable to find modem port ".

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    Re: sxc 1280 usb modem

    I think the problem on your Windows 7 computer system would be the driver for your usb modem. Actually as you have upgraded your computer system from vista to the windows then it might happen that you have not updated the windows 7 drivers properly. It could also happen that the you have not removed the windows 7 driver properly which might be interrupting with the new one which you have installed. I think you should reinstall the proper drivers for the device which you want to use on your computer.

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    Re: sxc 1280 usb modem

    I have provided the way by which you should install the drivers on your windows 7 computer system for using the tata usb modem which you have installed on your computer. First of all you have to download the proper driver from an official web site of Window 7 then go to the C:\Program Files\... wherever you have installed it. Go to the start menu and open RUN search bar and type devmgmt.msc and press OK which will open device management. Now find the usb mode whichever you have connected to your computer and reinstall the drivers and restart after completing the installation.

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    Re: sxc 1280 usb modem

    I guess there is something wrong settings on your windows 7 computer regarding an internet modem as your computer is not able to find the port of your modem. I think you should not directly try connecting an internet service by clicking on the Tata Indicom Dialer icon or program for connecting to net. before it you have do the following steps.
    1. Go to the system tray at the right hand side bottom corner,.
    2. Double click on an internet connection icon.
    3. Now look for the modem number which is connected to your USB port.
    4. Press Connect button and you are done.

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    Re: sxc 1280 usb modem

    I have found it on many forums that there is no drivers available for the Tata Indicom usb modems using on windows 7 operating system. Even i have tried to find it out but have not got anything useful. I think you should use some other usb modem which might gets working on your windows 7 computer. Actually there are many people who has the same issue and they said that there no driver available for windows 7 even on an official web site of Microsoft. And i have tried to find it by your model number on which i have got nothing for you. I think you must try using the some other one or you may directly contact with your nearest Tata Indicom Internet Service Provider which must be knowing a solution for this issue.

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