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Thread: Very Low Audio on T115

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    Very Low Audio on T115

    Recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite T115-S1100 and i have installed window 7 home edition on it. I have noticed that this laptop has very very much low sound even on maximum volume. Is it like this in all the Toshiba Satellite series or it is in my laptop only? What will be the reason for such a low sound quality of my laptop speakers?

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    Re: Very Low Audio on T115

    I think you are having the low volume on your Toshiba Satellite T115 because of the sound driver issue. I have found that many users of this series laptop have the same problem but this problem has been removed by installing the latest sound driver on your windows 7 operating system. Make sure that you remove the older driver presented on your windows 7 os then start installing the new sound driver which will definitely increase the sound volume of your laptop.

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    Re: Very Low Audio on T115

    I did not got the problem which you are facing on your laptop as you said that you laptop sound very very low. I think you need to check for some settings on your laptop. Have you checked the volume level of windows operating system's sound manager which also affects the volume mainly. It might be set as lowest level. You can check it by double clicking on the speaker icon provided in your taskbar.

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    Re: Very Low Audio on T115

    It might happen that speakers of your laptop have not set properly while installing the in to your laptop or there might be some kind of loose connection with the speakers which results in the low sound. I suggest you to use your warranty period to deal with this problem on your laptop as it sound bit crazy that your brand new laptop has low volume. If there would be any problem regarding the speakers then i think only Toshiba can solve without any billings.

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    Re: Very Low Audio on T115

    I think you have some wrong settings on your windows 7 operating system. Have you checked for the LOUDNESS EQUALIZATION on your computer. If not then checking it will loud your sound. To do the same you have to go to the Control Panel from start menu and click on Sound. Now click on speaker and then property where you will find an enhancements in which LOUDNESS EQUALIZATION is there so enable it then check that your laptop's sound increases or not.

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    Re: Very Low Audio on T115

    I think reinstalling the Conexant HD Audio Driver can solve your problem of soft sound on windows 7 operating system. To uninstall the Conexant Driver go to the control panel and open Programs & Features and click for Uninstall Conexant HD Audio Driver program. Now restart your computer and then let windows automatically install the Conexant HD Audio Driver program and then check for the sound now.

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