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Thread: IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

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    IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

    Hi all,

    I have a PC running with Windows XP. I need to add a PCMCIA adapter to my laptop where space is at a prime premium. I do not have space for PCI, MiniPCI, or standard USB-TO-PCMCIA adapters so i want to connec it to IDE. Can anybody suggest me for good IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

    APRO Industrial Wide Temperature PCMCIA card using advanced controller chip and NAND flash memory 3S type SLC flash technology, in order to meet the normal and harsh environments with different needs, wide temperature operating temperature PC Card -40 C - +85℃. PCMCIA card has the advantage of wide temperature data are not lost and the use of semiconductor storage media, so it stronger than the hard drive, and power consumption is only 10% of small hard disk. Wide temperature range used for CNC cartoon PCMCIA, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, notebook computers, PC and desktop PC storage devices. The wide temperature PCMCIA card inserted into an x86 system, IDE adapter, it can be used as a traditional hard disk to use. Take a long time data storage on the stability of key applications, APRO wide temperature PCMCIA card is the best option. You can use this. Thanks.

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    IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

    you can use PCMCIA SATA adapter to switch 2. BL-CSATA2/PCMCIA turn 2 turn 2 SATA SATA PCMCIA adapter to support more than 137GB capacity hard drive, 150MB per second peak transfer. Specifications / Special Features:

    # 32-bit CardBus Type II PC card slot Interface.
    # 2 Serial ATA 150 SATA interfaces support transmission specifications.
    # Up to second 150MB (1.5Gbit) the peak transmission rate.
    # Dual Channel Serial ATA supports two parallel ports of ATA peripherals. corresponding to 48-bit LBA.
    # Support more than 137GB capacity hard disk.
    # Slot with 32-bit/66MHz PCI specification.
    # Support operating systems including Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/vista Linux.

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    Re: IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

    You can also use CF IDE adapter to switch SANDISK original pcmcia card AFAYA memory card. its features is:
    # Directly into the motherboard's IDE interface, no IDE cable.
    # Support CF card as IDE hard disk boot
    # To your standard IDE CF card into electronic hard disk, hard disk which can be installed in the electronic LINUX, WIN98, DOS and other operating systems experience a high-speed electronic drive pleasure, for embedded industrial PC, to store the embedded LINUX, WINCE and other operations systems and applications, data.
    # Board, board manufacturing plant to replace the hard disk drive with this E-test in order to enhance efficiency and cost savings.
    # Power and CF cards are intuitive LED indicator
    # CF card for +3.5 V, +5 V voltage
    # Master slave jumper device
    # Power input: +5 V
    # Compatible with CF1, CF2, MICRO-DRIVE
    # 40-line standard IDE interface,
    # 44 Mobile hard disk interface,

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    IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

    You can also use supply transfer Bluetooth adapter pcmcia. This card with NEC chip + CSR Bluetooth module modified for your notebook provides an additional interface and built-in a 2.0 USB2.0 Bluetooth, in XP, VISTA, WINDOWS7 need to install the next drive, Bluetooth management software that comes with the direct use of Microsoft . If you need to listen to songs, you need to install third-party Bluetooth management software, IVT Bluetooth management software, you can search the web for download. PCMCIA Adapter + USB2.0 interface, Bluetooth 2.0, PC Card (PCMCIA) slot Type I / II, to support 32-bit notebook, the size of 85.6 54mm 3.3mm, support 98, ME, 2K, XP, VISTA, WINDOWS7. For 32-bit PCMCIA interface, laptop, does not support 16-bit notebook, Bluetooth-compatible mouse, keyboard, headset, cell phone, PDA, Bluetooth GPS and other Bluetooth devices.All the best.

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    Re: IDE-to-PCMCIA adapter

    PCI slot CF card socket, can be fixed on the chassis for easy plug 40PIN pin CF card interface can be directly through the IDE cable to connect the motherboard to support UDMA mode exclusively, can the market with any CF card can also be OUR TRUE IDE mode with the support of the CF card Description: Compact Flash (CF) card is a removable solid state disk, it has a standard IDE Interface. It is a small-size high-capacity electronic disk. We developed a series of CF IDE adapter to facilitate transfer standard IDE you use CF cards. CF card is a low-price electronic disk card, which is widely used in notebook computers, personal digital assistant (PDA), portable or industrial equipment. In the electronics factory, people with CF card when the micro hard drive to store the test software, because the frequent on / off the computer power supply is easy to damage the traditional mechanical hard drives. Check and reply.

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