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Thread: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

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    Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    hello, I have installed a windows 7 operating system in my computer and i have bought a new Bluetooth stereo earphone. I have tried it on shop's machine where they were having windows xp on their pc, so it was working fine without any interruption. I think it is not working because of windows 7 os, So can anybody help me to find the reason that why Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver. And it says that it need A2DP, what is A2DP ??

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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    I was having the same problem when i have upgraded my computer by installing the windows 7 operating system. I have managed with the experience of using the latest windows s my bluetooth device is not recognized on my window 7 os. Anyway i am happy by using windows xp only but i have found that what A2DP stands for? Actually Advanced Audio Distribution is a profile on your windows 7 os for enabling the bluetooth device connected to your computer. It enables your music source and Bluetooth headset by which music will be streamed via wireless connection.

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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    I have have s bad new for you that in windows 7 operating system, there is no support for the Bluetooth audio-class driver. And this is happening because windows can not find A2DP which is actually has been made by the third-party Bluetooth firmware, which means that your device should be having an A2DP in built on chipset itself. Ans since windows 7 does not have this support so if any bluetooth device does not contain A2DP then it would be be useless on windows 7. Windows just directs says SORRY to you...

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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    I thinj i have found the solution for the not recognizing of bluetooth device on windows 7 os. I have downloaded one device manager software for my os that can help your bluetooth device to work on your windows 7 computer. You have just download 6.1 version of 'Windows Mobile Device Center'. This software have solved my problem. I was having the same problem on my windows 7 laptop when i was trying to connect my Gemini bluetooth headphones. But it started working without any problem. You may try installing this software on its official web site but make sure that you install the latest version in order not to face any further difficulties.

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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    I think you must have tried using some software so that your bluetooth works on windows 7 operating system. I have found one manual solution for the support of bluetooth on windows computers. First of all go to the start menu and open Control Panel where you have go in to the 'Device Manager'. Here you can find 'Unknown Device' for 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device' , Right click on it then select for "Update Driver Software". or you may click on the "Browse My Computer and click for Driver Software" button. "Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on my computer". Select 'Bluetooth Radio' from the list if it asked you to select. Make sure that you choose 'Microsoft Corporation', not only Microsoft in the Company List. Now select for the "Windows Mobile-Based Device Support" or any latest one then it is.

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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    unfortunately, in my case, there is only 'microsoft' on the company list. no microsoft company. what do i do? i want to be able to use the billionton bluetooth that i have so i can connect my blackberry to my laptop. i need help. pretty please help me!


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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    Hi quixoticatie,

    You can try and download the bluetooth billionton driver for Windows 7 from here. After downloading it you will have to install it and then pair your PC with the device you want to use and connect to the computer using the bluetooth connection. It can be a phone, gps antenna, copy machine or bluetooth headset. If you want to connect the phone to the PC using the bluetooth for example, you have to set the phone to bluetooth connection, create the password etc.
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    Re: Windows 7 CANNOT find bluetooth peripheral device driver

    hi quixoticatie,
    i dont think you need to download anything special for your black berry.
    just goto add new device from the blutooth symbol on the task pane and add your phone. i use win 7 64 bit and i didnt need anything to use my nokia 2600c via bluetooth.

    and as for langward,
    try installing the driver for your headset first and then search your device from the bluetooth menu.

    click on the bluetooth icon as in the picture below:

    and select the "Add a Device" option on the top of the menu.

    this will bring you here:-

    at this point make sure that your bluetooth device is switched on and the drivers for that device has been downloaded and installed successfully. (make sure its a windows 7 32bit or 64bit driver, according to your need)

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