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Thread: What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

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    What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    Hi everyone,
    I have recently started studying about the Hardware peripherals that are required for the synchronization. But my notes doesn't provide some helpful information. So I am expecting some help from you guys.!! Please tell me what are the computer's Internal Clocks? Since, I want to know about it fast, so please reply me soon.!!
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    Re: What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    All computers have an integrated electronic clock and calendar. In the old days there were only clocks in the system tray, time now for some programs, you will find nice looking analog clock with air over wristwatches. The value of the internal clock is obtained through an operating system, it is in an hour-minute format milliseconds. However, while the internal clocks of computers are very accurate in terms of measuring the time elapsed, the time specified on any particular computer is probably not correct in absolute terms, as sense.But wrist watch and the clock on your wall as the computer clocks are off by a few seconds or minutes. Also internal computer clocks are not synchronized between them.

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    Re: What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    I'm sure you heard about the atomic clock, this type of clock is very accurate. Why not have atomic clock in your office. If it works correctly, you will be able to synchronize your computer clock with atomic time servers. If you decide to run a time server, remember to calibrate your atomic clock regularly. If you do not have an atomic clock, to build one. Also known as the internal clock or real-time clock (RTC).

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    Re: What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    The atomic clock signal will penetrate almost all buildings, except in general commercial steel buildings which have few windows. Conventional personal computers are required to be connected to the Internet to obtain atomic clock signal can update the clock of the personal computer (PC). Current software operating system provides access to the distribution of the atomic clock to update the system clock as long as there is an Internet connection to broadcast signal to atomic clock computer.

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    Re: What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    Heat can affect the operation of the crystal, and this condition may lead to inaccuracies in the output clock of the time clock keeper. The computer has a tuner for receiving a broadcast signal of the atomic clock signal. A system clock or system timer is a continuous pulse that helps the computer clock keep the correct time. A computer's system clock resides on the motherboard. It sends out a signal to all other computer components in interval of specific time. Each wave in this signal measures one clock cycle. If a system clock runs at 100MHz, that means there are 100 million clock cycles in one second.

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    Re: What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    Every action in the computer is timed by the clock cycles, and every action takes a certain number of clock cycles to perform. The logic circuit includes a standard circuit that compares the values of time atomic clock signal, producing time clock, and a conventional circuit that generates a control signal with a value that depends on the difference between the values of time atomic clock signal and clock out time.

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