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Thread: Graphic card for different needs

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    Graphic card for different needs

    I need to suggest some graphic cards to my clients. Each of them needs differently for different purpose. Like for one I need to provide card for working on graphic designing and animation. The other one needs the same for gaming. But there are some other client which have basic needs for video and internet surfing. How should I differentiate in that.

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    Re: Graphic card for different needs

    The response to that query of course is, "it depends." Each and every one or additional obsession being equivalent (namely money, which never is), there is no explanation not to have a video card additional accomplished than what you necessitate. But in view of the fact that money is an significant factor, you necessitate to consider immediately what you do necessitate, and make sure that you can get that much out of it at least.

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    Re: Graphic card for different needs

    If you want the same for E-mail and Web surfing then at the lowest end of computing-power usage are those who have very basic needs, such as productivity tasks like e-mail and spreadsheets. However, the proliferation of eye-candy on the desktop, and watching videos can still place moderate demands on the graphics. What's needed: Most likely, a good integrated-graphics solution will serve quite well. However, a budget solution with a chip from a couple years back will provide some extra insurance at a reasonable cost in case needs start to change.

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    Re: Graphic card for different needs

    If you does not spend a lot of item on playing games, and those that are played generally aren't the ones that place a lot of demand on performance. Also, the monitor isn't any bigger than 21 inches. A bigger monitor usually means higher resolution, which translates into more pixels for the graphics card to manage. Then a midrange card from the current or preceding generation of cards will have the best bang for the buck, while still providing enough horsepower to get the job done.

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    Re: Graphic card for different needs

    For the individuals who work on 3D Animation, CAD/CAM and video manufacture necessitate a heavy cad. All three of this submission can advantage from good graphics maintenance, but the importance is dissimilar. As an alternative of the raw speed of action games, picture quality and pixel accuracy is paramount. A reasonable- to high-power purchaser graphics card can do moderately well in this role for the hobbyist. On the other hand, additional serious work will necessitate a workstation-class card, such as the ATI FireGL line or the Nvidia Quadro.

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