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Thread: no possible BIOS file found

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    no possible BIOS file found

    I have 2 hard disks installed on my desktop. when i try to select one of the hard disks by (from the f12 pre startup menu) i get a screen which says "No possible BIOS file found".

    As an alternative to get the PC to boot with the preferred HD i have to go to the BIOS settings every time change settings. But my question is why does the f12 menu doesnt work. I have biostar motherboard G37-M7 TE

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    No possible BIOS file found

    If your BIOS changes the setting each and every time then i would suggest you to change your BIOS battery and have a check for the same and at the same time go to boot sequence and make your hard drive as first Boot priority at the same time also check out the How to add your BIOS file

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    Re: no possible BIOS file found

    Restart your pc and enter your system bios. Just check once there is any drive present in it or not. If not then can be a connectivity issue. Try to check the cable. But it is then it looks the bios is having some problem. You have to choose load optimized default and reboot the system. Then check back. If this does not resolve then issue then you have to use a bios flash utility to re-flash it with a newer and stable version. Or else you will keep on getting this error. This is the fastest way to fix the problem. Just flash a appropriate version of bios and check back.

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    Re: no possible BIOS file found

    I got this issue when I was trying to dual boot my system. I was trying to install Windows 8 with Windows 7. But when I try to boot I am getting the error. I am having a Gigabyte motherboard. Luckily I found the official bios file on the manufacturer's website. I had used that to re-flash the bios back again and it worked. I am using a bootable usb for the same. The board itself has a bios flashing utility. It just asked for the bin file and run the update. The board is working fine now and does not has any issue with detecting hardware.

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