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Thread: How is Samsung Laser printer ML 1640

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    How is Samsung Laser printer ML 1640

    I want to buy Samsung ML 1640 in day or two. I have slight confusion as will it be better than HP 1007 as Hp is 20-25% costlier than Samsung. HP's reliability is tested but I don't know it for sure for Samsung Laser printer. Has anyone used this printer? What will you recommend?
    Also, be it Hp or samsung, how to refill the toner cartridge and how many times can it be refilled until we have to replace it?

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    Re: How is Samsung Laser printer ML 1640

    You are having the confusion in selecting the Laser printer from the Samsung and HP. You want to go for the Samsung Laser printer ML 1640 because this is little bit cheaper than the HP laser printers. But i think you should go for the HP laser printer because the HP is well known and the leader in the printer market. I will prefer to go for the HP over the samsung by paying little bit more.

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