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Thread: Strange Video error with Toshiba

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    Strange Video error with Toshiba

    Hi guys !
    It is my first problem regarding video and display and I received an error during starting up my home laptop.The Windows XP MCE is installed on it and the supported Video Card is Intel 945 which provide the video memory for the system.My problem is that when I start my laptop it just get display with shrinks and being end up with dead space of the monitor on the bottom and the funny thing is that when I enter in windows completely,it appears in 1280x800 resolution in the graphics properties.Please tell me what I need to do for this problem.
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    Strange Video error with Toshiba

    Strange Video error with Toshiba :

    If you are getting the problem during start up of the system,don't think like your installed components are being used to cause the reported error.The problem arises from the monitor,when you start the windows,the display pops up in shrinking way and show a space line on the bottom of your laptop.
    In this case,you need to troubleshoot your monitor capacity and check your monitor and the connected wires may be damaged and you need to change it.

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    Video card error with Toshiba

    Video card error with Toshiba :

    If you are not able to find out the solution then you should try this one also which I am going to show you,It can help you .

    The video card that you have added check its configuration and find out it is taking operating system memory to display or not.Configure it with the video card and if it is not taking the video memory from video card then the error can be occurred due to this continuation.

    Go ahead and reconfigure it again for video card.

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    Driver occurring Video error with Toshiba

    Driver occurring Video error :

    If you have tried all that defined above and not getting succeed.The device driver may be not suitable for your configured video card.

    The Drive that you have installed in your system may be corrupted and you need install it again to download from the official website of Intel.They will offer you according to your configuration.

    Visit the official website and get newer version and compatible with your configured hardware,Download from there and install it .

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    Video error with Toshiba

    Video error with Toshiba :

    The operating system is occurring the error to find and execute the proper video driver.The files which is being used to manage the video related files in the operating system.

    I think the supporting files has been corrupted now and you need to Install the fresh copy of windows and install the proper drivers which can support the display properties.Configure the video memory and locate the memory of display for video card.

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