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Thread: After windows 7 upgrade unable to write on Pen drive

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    After windows 7 upgrade unable to write on Pen drive

    Is there any solution for my problem, then please try to help me out. I have a "Transcend 4 GB pen drive" which i keep for my daily use and i have Windows XP on my computer. I can store more than 50Mb size of file on my computer but not able to store the similar file more than 50Mb file in my pen drive using windows 7 on my computer. I have no problem in reading the data present on it, but when i try to write that file it stops the middle of the taskbar and the usb drive disappears. After some day when i connected it to the pc it should me the write protected error message. I tried formatting the drive with both Fat32 and NTFS and also scanned for the virus threat but nothing happened. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Re: After windows 7 upgrade unable to write on Pen drive

    I think your pendrive is having some virus kind of issue which is not allowing you to save any kind of data in your pendrive. Have you format the pendrive during the cancelation of the data transffering. You should try with some other computer to see wheather it is working or not, if it works then you need to check with os which would not be installed correctly in your system. You can do a re-install process of the OS with the default setting which is recommended by the microsoft during the installation process.

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    Re: After windows 7 upgrade unable to write on Pen drive

    I would suggest you to format your pen drive as it is not working porperly. To format your pendrive please follow the steps in your windows 7.

    Start you computer plug in your pendrive in the usb slot of the cpu, you will find a drive in the my computer, do a right clik on the drive and choose to format the pendrive, click on the restore device default button then unckeck it before performing quick format. Now you can click on the start button to start quick format to format the pen drive.

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    Re: After windows 7 upgrade unable to write on Pen drive

    There is another way to solve your problem. I would suggest you to reinstall the USB controllers in the your computer by the following steps.

    • Firstly click on the Start button and then click Run there type "sysdm.cpl" in the box, and click OK.
    • Than click on the Hardware tab button.
    • Click on the Device Manager option button.
    • Go in to expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    • Do the Right-click on every device which is under the Universal Serial Bus controller, and then click Uninstall to remove one at a time.
    • Please do the restart of computer after performing it, and finally reinstall the USB controllers again.

    Try connecting the pen drive and see if it works.

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    Re: After windows 7 upgrade unable to write on Pen drive

    I think your usb might be right protected so to remove the right protection you need to follow some steps.

    1. Open the Start Menu then to Run and type "regedit" and press Enter, it will open the registry editor.

    2. Navigate and find the path:

    3. You need to download batch file "add.bat" from the net, do a double click on it, a key will be automatically added to your registry.

    4. After that do a double click on the key WriteProtect on the right pane and set the value to 0 in the Box and then press OK button.

    5. After doing the whole thing exit from the Registry and restart your computer and try to re-connect your USB pen drive in your computer.

    6. It should remove the write protection.

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