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Thread: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

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    Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    Hello there, I have been using Mac systems for a while now but have never faced problems like this before. I have a Mac Pro which has Mac OS X 10.5.3 operating system on it. Recently the Mac Pro has started giving unusual problem. Whenever the computer is started, it works fine for sometime and then it suddenly shuts down. After shutting down I cannot start it for sometime and then it starts normally when the power button is pressed. It is very annoying that the Mac Pro shuts down suddenly. Can this be due to operating system as I tried to upgrade the operating system but quit the process midway. Or is it an hard ware related problem?

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    Re: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    Have you performed PRAM reset? Sometimes invalid entries get stored on the RAM. If the system RAM is flooded with invalid entries then the system will not be able to access the RAM. In this case it will either shut itself down or will restart itself. To make the system work properly again, you will have to remove all the invalid entries from the RAM. To remove all the invalid entries from the RAM you will have to perform a PRAM reset. To perform a PRAM reset, locate and find the following keys (Apple, Option, R and P). Press and hold the following keys while starting the computer. Keep this keys holding till three startup chimes are heard. As soon as 3rd startup chime is heard, release the keys and let the system boot normally.

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    Re: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    Yes this problem can be definitely due to operating system upgrade which you have aborted midway. Whenever any application or a software is tried to upgrade the existing files are replaced by new files. As you aborted the process midway, it is possible that only half the files got replaced with new ones which are now conflicting with the files of the old operating system. Therefore if you have the install disk of the operating system which you are using then insert it in the drive and boot the system from it. Install the operating system in install/archive mode which will enable you to use the installed applications on the newly installed operating system.

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    Re: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    The power supply unit of the Mac pro must have developed some faults due to which the Mac pro is shutting down suddenly. All the computers work on DC voltages which is provided by the power supply unit. If the power supply unit is faulty then the levels of the voltage supplied by it to the computer will change. If the voltage level goes beyond the limit then the computer shuts itself down to protect any damage to the peripherals attached to it. Get the Power supply unit of the Mac pro checked by some technician and replace it if it is found faulty.

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    Re: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    Another most likely reason is overheating
    when u say it shuts down and doesn't start for sumtime, that means its taking that time to cool itself down

    i recommend u download some temperature monitoring software for Mac, i dont know any cos i use windows

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    Re: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    I think the computer is suddenly getting shut down because of excessive heating. All the computers have a threshold limit set for the operating temperature to ensure that the components do not get damaged due to excessive heating. Check all the cooling fans of the computer if they are working properly or not. Clean the fans and its surrounding if it is covered by dust as dust can block the airflow. Place the computer in some well ventilated area and then check if the computer shuts down suddenly or not. Also try and fix a extra cooling fan if the cabinet and PSU allows it.

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    Re: Mac Pro shuts down suddenly

    It could be because of some installed application. Some applications have leaky codes which cause memory leakage in the computer. The processes of such applications take up lot of system memory and CPU usage. If the CPU and memory usage increases beyond limit then the system has no other option left than to shut itself down. From the apple menu, open the activity monitor and check for the processes which are taking up lot of memory and cpu. Terminate such processes which are unwanted and then see if the system shutsdown itself.

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