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Thread: Thermal Goggles?

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    Thermal Goggles?

    Does anyone know how to make Night-vision goggles and/or thermal? And not the stupid Welding goggles and congo blue gel pads, that isn't thermal. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Steps to make Thermal Goggles.

    Following are the steps to make Home Made Thermal Goggles.
    1. Purchase a pair of regular with the sturdy frame. Remove the lenses and take the shape of Congo blue and primary red theatrical gels on paper which would be useful for stage lighting. Glue the blue gels first and then red one from their outlines and make sure that you put one of each color gel on each lens of the glasses.
    2. Now start gluing eight high-intensity infrared LEDs equally divided for the both side, to the outside of the goggles and on the outer edge of the lenses. LEDs are used for creating the illumination needed to filter the light through the colored gels.
    3. Give the power of 3 volts to the lights on each side which you may give with the button cell battery. Then arrange for the switch according to your settings for switching the goggles ON/OFF.
    4. Try testing your goggles and if image is weak or not well-illuminated then you would be needing more LEDs or another layer of gels.

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    Re: Thermal Goggles?

    I really do not know what made you ask this question out here. Well if you want to make your goggle weld you can search on Google. This aint a goggle repair or provider shop where you could get the things to work out. Do check 100 times before you make such questions.

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