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Thread: Windows 7 and Minilta magicolor 4650DN problems

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    Windows 7 and Minilta magicolor 4650DN problems

    I have just bought a new PC with Windows 7 64bit OS. I have a Minolta magicolor 4650DN which worked fine under XP, but the Windows 7 installed a driver autom,atically marked 4650DN XPS which does not allow duplex printing. Any ideas on how to get the duplex to work? There is a yellow warning triangle next to the duplex function when I interrogate the printer driver software, and I cannot correct this.
    I ama relative newbite so any help would be useful.

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    Re: Windows 7 and Minilta magicolor 4650DN problems

    In order to get rid of the above issue, you need to check out the following link. You should install only the drivers for the version of Windows you run--Windows 7 64 bit. In some cases, when Windows 7 drivers don't exist, you can use the Windows Vista drivers on your system.

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    Re: Windows 7 and Minilta magicolor 4650DN problems

    As you told that there is yellow exclamation mark(triangle mark) then you have to follow this step given below:
    1] Click on Start--Setting-- Control Panel
    2] Double Click on the System and after that click on the Hardware tab.
    3] Click on Device Manger in the Device Manager section.
    4] Click on the Plus sign to the left of each of the device type.
    5] If any device appears with a black exclamation mark in a yellow circle(triangle), then double click on that device.
    6] Check the properties for that device. Update the drivers. Also check the Device Status field.
    Hope you problem get fix.

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