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Thread: USB-to-Midi problems

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    question USB-to-Midi problems


    I'm having troubles with my usb-to-midi adaptor.

    It finds and installs the drivers OK

    But the mappings of notes etc is wrong, specifically, the Note-On command and Note-off midi command are reversed so it plays the note when you lift your hand off the key.

    I think this is a driver issue but I cant find how to fix it anywhere.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Win 7 x64
    Viewcon midi2usb adaptor



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    Re: USB-to-Midi problems

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    Re: USB-to-Midi problems

    You need to check the device manager first.

    * Go to the control panel.
    * Open the system information.
    * Then on the hardware tab select the device manager.
    * Connect the adapter to the usb port.
    * Refresh the page and when it detects expand the USB hub root and update the driver by clicking on the option.

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