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Thread: help me WTB 1TB internal HDD

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    help me WTB 1TB internal HDD

    i Want to buy an internal 1TB hdd which one would be better for me...please help....which is the best in the market??...

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    Re: help me WTB 1TB internal HDD

    Hey I would suggest you 2 hdds,
    1. Western Digital 1 TB Internal Hard Drive - Black - $98 to $110
    2. Seagate 1 TB Serial ATA Barracuda 7200.11 Internal Hard Drive
    - $110 to $125

    You can always check for products on Newegg

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    Re: help me WTB 1TB internal HDD

    As per my knowledge you can use WD Caviar Black 1TB Hard Drive. You can get this hard disk for only 104$ from "" site. It's main feature is it's high performance. It works very well with most of the computer.

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    Re: help me WTB 1TB internal HDD

    I would suggest you go with Seagate... It is the No.2 hard disk after Western Digital...

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