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Thread: How to clean Compaq Preasrio laptop display

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    How to clean Compaq Preasrio laptop display

    I have a Compaq Preasrio laptop. I had installed Windows Vista on my laptop. I had seen fingerprints on my laptop screen. So, i would like to know that how do i properly clean my laptop display? any one knows about it? Let me know the correct way for cleaning my laptop display. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: How to clean Compaq Preasrio laptop display

    Before attempting to clean your laptop, read the User's Manual to learn what the recommended procedure for cleaning your particular laptop is. First, you must realize LCD screens or displays are NOT GLASS. Many owners clean a laptop screen or LCD TV as they would clean any glass monitor or TV - DON'T make this mistake. Most laptop manufacturer's recommend thoroughly cleaning a laptop once a year but frequent travelers may wish to clean their laptop more often. An LCD (liquid crystal display) consists of a soft film that is very prone to damage from scratches, smudging, and clouding caused by the use of improper cleaning agents and harsh cloths.

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    Re: How to clean Compaq Preasrio laptop display

    Before cleaning any computer, we suggest the computer first be turned off and unplugged. Paper towels, facial tissue and toilet paper can scratch your laptop display. They also leave behind fragments of paper that over time will wreck your laptop display. When cleaning a laptop computer do not use any harsh cleaning agents or those which contain ammonia in them on any part of the laptop. Also, because you're going to be cleaning the laptop, we also suggest you removing the laptop battery. Paper products also leave behind lint which they pick up from the air and you end up grinding this lint into your LCD if you use paper products.

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    Re: How to clean Compaq Preasrio laptop display

    Use only special wipes that have been created for cleaning laptop display screens. You may clean the screen depending on the smears and smudges present on the screen. When looking at laptop display cleaning products make sure that the product is meant to be used on LCDs. If only little dust is present on the screen try dry dusting the screen by wiping the screen with a cotton cloth along one direction, top to bottom or left to right. If this does not give desired results, then you can try cleaning the screen with some of the cleaning solutions. There are some cleaning wipes that can be used on CRT displays but cannot be used on LCDs. Using the proper cleaning products for laptops displays will ensure that you keep clean and prevent damage from occuring to it from cleaning products that are too harsh.

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