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Thread: unable to burn a dvd from DVD writer

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    unable to burn a dvd from DVD writer

    Hello I have a LG DVD Rom+RW installed in my desktop computer. It worked nicely for one and a half year duration. But now it is giving problem in burning the DVD's. The DVD Rom is also not able to read any DVD disc. I am not able to figure out what is the problem with the DVD Rom. Is it the problem of the Rom or It is the DVD's which are creating problems? How to fix this problem?

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    Re: unable to burn a dvd from DVD writer

    This can be the problem related to the speed of burning process. If you try to burn the DVD's on higher speed , It will burn the more DVD's in less time. But Higher speed can create problem in burning. Burn the DVD's with the speed mentioned on it. For DVD's this speed is normally 4x and 2x. If you burn the DVD's at this speed there may be less chance of getting error in burning process. If then also error is coming then clean the lens of the DVD rom. May be it is the problem of this error.

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    Re: unable to burn a dvd from DVD writer

    The reason of this problem can be the multitasking. We can say that computer is overworking means that system is handling many processes at the same time. We like to multitask on the system. The system is also capable of the multitasking but Burning DVD's with other running processes is not the easy task. So when burning any disc close all the other running programs and leave the system alone so that it can deliver its best performance.

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    Re: unable to burn a dvd from DVD writer

    Another reason of this problem can be the dirty DVD rom. Remove your DVD rom and clean it properly. Connect it properly to the system. Clean the lens of the DVD rom using lens cleaning disc. This will clean the lens and give you successful burn process.This will solve your problem. If your problem is not resolved by any of these methods then your DVD rom is damaged. It is better to change the DVD rom than repairing it.

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