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Thread: Need Some Tips on Choosing a Hard drive

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    Need Some Tips on Choosing a Hard drive

    I am confused to upgrade a new hard disk in my computer. I am currently using 160 GB hard drive with 2gigs of RAM and Windows Vista. I had added one more 320Gb hard drive which failed within some time. It is still lying for replacement. I need some simple tips to check out first before buying a better hard disk for a computer. My system is used for regular backups and it is necessary for me to get a reliable solutions. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need Some Tips on Choosing a Hard drive

    The hard drive is the component that store data on your computer. The operating system, your programs and games and so will your documents stored on this device. At your choice, it is necessary to be careful not to stifle your PC with a hard disk inadequate. You will control multiple criteria when purchased, including its capacity or its speed.

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    Re: Need Some Tips on Choosing a Hard drive

    It is better recommended that whatever hardware you purchase must match your system configuration. If you add up any device which does not supports your hardware then you might face certain issues like compatibility errors or hardware fail withing a period of time. It is recommend to read the warranty details and the detailed technical specifications of the hardware before putting it under use.

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    Re: Need Some Tips on Choosing a Hard drive

    The first thing to check is obviously the hard disk interface. You can not connect a SATA hard drive on a motherboard with only the IDE support. Here are the various existing formats like IDE (PATA) interface is the oldest but also the most used. The SCSI: This interface is the fastest. However, it is very expensive and the usual motherboards do not allow it requires an expansion card or a motherboard server to plug in a computer.

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